How to cook ‘famous’ rib cartilage porridge

Hot porridge combined with lumpy cartilage ribs, crunchy and fragrant onion … create a typical dish when entering the east in the North.

Only with simple ingredients including bones, ribs cartilage and rice, but to make a bowl of porridge naturally sweet, rich in flavor requires the cooker’s meticulousness.

The recipe below reveals how to cook porridge without burning / burning the bottom of the pot.

The porridge is hot and smooth, fragrant with new rice aroma combined with lumpy cartilage ribs, crunchy crunch, and fragrant scallions … creating a typical dish when entering the east in the North. Image: Bui Thuy.

1. Raw materials: Feed about 4-6 people

a) About ribs cartilage, bone and how to clean, deodorize:

– 400g cartilage ribs

– 500-600 grams of cuttings for making broth. Should choose cuttings because when stewed will give clear water, bar and natural sweetness. This is also the secret of famous porridge restaurants. If you like porridge that has a fatty taste, it has a lot of marrow, then choose the tube bone.

– 150g minced meat (if desired)

– Little salt

– A small branch of ginger smashed

b) Regarding rice:

– 2 cups of non-glutinous rice (about 250 grams)

1/2 cup sticky rice (about 50 grams)

– Water to soak

c) Other materials: Crispy pork floss, safflower, dry onion, 4-5 purple onions, 1 onion, scallion.

d) Spices: Fish sauce, salt, seasoning from natural mushrooms or vegetables, cooking oil, pepper.

2. How to do:

a) How to soak rice: Clean non-glutinous rice and glutinous rice (keep water to wash the ribs, bones are very clean). Then, let the rice and water soak for about 2.5 – 3 hours for the rice to “ saturate ” the water. After soaking, there are 2 ways to cook porridge as follows:

– Method 1: To make “famous” “famous” cream-like rib porridge in Hanoi, grind the rice soaked in water until smooth into a water powder mixture. If there are seeds left, filter through the sieve, continue to grind until a smooth water powder. After that, use this mixture to stir with bone broth (share details below) until smooth.

– Method 2: Rice after soaking, crushing and then simmering for many hours with bone broth. Many people like this way because the time when rice is simmered with bone broth, all the essence of the sky will gradually break out, radiating a gentle aroma from the new rice blended into the sweet and sweet stew to create an unforgettable aftertaste.

b) How to prepare rib cartilage, cuttings: Rib cartilage, cuttings washed with water to wash rice and then put in a pot of water with a little salt and crushed ginger to boil to blanch. After that, rinse the ribs to remove impurities, furthermore to make the broth fragrant and clear.

Cartilage rib porridge becomes an indispensable dish of Hanoi people when it is crowded.  Photo: Bui Thuy.

Cartilage rib porridge becomes an indispensable dish of Hanoi people when it is crowded. Image: Bui Thuy.

c) How to tunnel cuttings: To simmer the bones quickly, the water is clear, clear, and delicious, pay attention to the following tips:

– Put the washed cuttings with grilled purple onion (peel off the black skin, wash them), 1 onion, a little salt in the pot with just enough water and boil, then lower the heat, slightly swing. simmer. Do not wedge wedge seeds because this spice is made from the bone stew when added to hot water will quickly dissolve, causing turbidity.

– During the simmering process, foam needs to be picked up regularly to make the broth clear. Minimum cooking time is one hour, preferably 2-2.5 hours until the meat around the bones softens. If simmered for too long, it will become sour and cloudy

– After bone is smooth, picked out, filtered to get clear broth.

d) How to fry cartilage ribs, rim minced meat served: Young cartilage ribs are easy to eat, lumpy, so many people like it. The options are as follows:

– If you like to eat lumpy: Cartilage after washing, slicing to taste (if there are small children, then chopped) and then marinate a little seasoning seeds, fish sauce, pepper. Then, non-aromatic purple onion for ribs cartilage to stir-fry, salt sauce again according to family taste.

– If you like softer cartilage, you can put it in the cellar with cuttings. After about an hour, take it out to cool and then cut into pieces to taste.

– Minced pork, seasoned with a bit of seasoning, salt sauce and stir-fry to taste.

e) How to cook porridge not in the pot, smooth, sweet and delicious:

– Method 1: To cook Hanoi-style ribs porridge, do the following: After soaking and smoothing the rice, add a little boiling water, stir well to re-cook the flour. After that, add the broth (filtered) to the stove, while stirring, quickly to avoid clumping and sharpening the pot. From the moment the flour is boiling, cook for at least 30-35 minutes before the rice flour is fully cooked. After that, seasoning according to family taste.

– Method 2: Cook porridge style simmer: Put the broken rice in a pot of broth, then bring to the stove to boil. Pay attention not to stir, not to stir so that the bottom of the pot will be burned or burned. When the water is boiling, lower the heat and slightly swing the pot, simmer the heat so that the porridge does not overflow for about 2 hours. At this point, porridge will be tender. For the porridge to become smooth, use a ladle to stir gently, continuously for 10-15 minutes until smooth. Tasting spices salt fish sauce, seasoning seeds to suit family tastes.

f) Present and enjoy: Ladle porridge into a bowl, add chopped green onions, blanched scallions, scoop cartilage ribs, minced meat, crunchy crumbs and pour cotton on top. Sprinkle pepper, onion and a little chili on top, enjoy hot.

Bui Thuy


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