How to clean velvet furniture

Cleaning velvet doesn’t require special equipment or detergents, but it does take some patience and time.

Once considered a piece of furniture for the rich, up to now, velvet furniture is popular in every home, from beds, chairs, pillows… Luxury velvet furniture, often in many colors and Relatively easy to take care of.

In terms of composition, velvet fabric is produced from many different materials such as silk yarn, woolen yarn, cotton yarn, and rayon. Each type of velvet will have its own characteristics and features, so when buying a velvet interior product, you can rely on the characteristics of the fiber structure recorded on the accompanying tag to distinguish the product material. For example, if it is a product you use every day, especially in a home with children and pets, you should choose velvet from synthetic fibers, because they are easier to clean, better color retention…

Illustration: Spruce.

How to properly clean velvet?

For all upholstered furniture, you should vacuum weekly. This helps the product to avoid odors or discoloration.

Depending on the frequency of use, you can use a manual steam iron (specialized in clothes) to make new and beautiful velvet. In case something is spilled on the velvet surface, it should be immediately blotted with a paper towel, avoiding absolutely rubbing. When velvet furniture starts to become dull, dirty, you need an intensive cleaning of the product.

The intensive cleaning is carried out as follows.

Tools needed:

Handheld vacuum cleaner with plastic nozzle, handheld steam iron, microfiber cloth, dishwashing liquid, paper towel, knife or spoon.

Work to be done:

– Vacuum weekly. You use a handheld vacuum cleaner, start pulling from the beginning to the end of the furniture, for example sofa, bed… It is recommended to use an additional plastic nozzle for the vacuum cleaner to clean the crevices and slots in the parts. of stuff.

– Use a steam iron to remove wrinkles. Velvet fabric creases easily, and if wrinkles are not removed soon, they can leave a mark on the fabric. Therefore, the steam iron is very useful. However, you should set the machine to a low temperature to avoid burning the fibers. Move the iron slightly from left to right or from top to bottom, gently stroke the surface in the opposite direction to release wrinkles on the velvet surface.

– Treatment of stains. You should use a towel to absorb stains as soon as they appear. After one time, you use another clean towel or turn the towel, until the velvet surface is completely dry. Never rub the stain with force, it will damage the surface layer.

To treat stubborn stains, you can mix a few drops of dishwashing liquid in a large cup of warm water, whisking until the solution foams. Dip a soft microfiber cloth in it until it is damp, then blot the stained area with it. Finally, you let them dry naturally.

Schedule a total cleaning

Instead of cleaning just one part of your velvet furniture, you should schedule an overall chair cleaning to help the product surface more evenly.

Tips to keep your velvet furniture beautiful.

– Should treat stains as soon as they appear

– Vacuum the velvet completely

– Use a steam iron to remove wrinkles on the surface of the product.

– Avoid exposing velvet to direct sunlight.

Thuy Linh (According to Spruce)


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