How to clean a clothes dryer

It should be noted, if not cleaned properly, a tumble dryer can pose a major threat to your health and the safety of your home.

Clothes dryers are gradually becoming familiar household appliances and like any other device, they also need to be cleaned periodically to ensure good operation and increase their lifespan.

A study by the National Fire Protection Association found that, from 2014 to 2018, 32% of home clothes dryer fires were caused by failure to clean the storage tray.

Illustration: House Digest.

When should you check and clean your dryer?

If you dry your clothes and find them taking a long time to dry, the appliance should be checked. It is possible that lint build-up causes a blockage in the vent pipe, preventing air from escaping. In addition, if you touch the body and find that the control area is hotter than usual, you should definitely disconnect the power to check each part of the machine, especially the vent.

How to properly clean the dryer?

The filter mesh (lint tray) and vents are the two main areas where lint accumulates, so just cleaning these two parts can ensure the safety of the device.

Before cleaning the dryer, always check the manufacturer’s recommendations and disconnect the appliance from power. You then pull out the lint tray/net and empty the trash into the bin. Step two, you take a damp cloth to wipe away the remaining lint in the tray and the tray area to make sure the inside is completely clean. According to Architectural Digestlint is flammable, so you should clean the filter regularly, especially if you use the machine with high frequency.

For the dryer vent unit located at the back of the unit, remove the clamp and clean each section separately. Dryer vents should be checked and cleaned at least once a year, depending on the size of the household and how the dryer is used. If you use the dryer regularly, you should clean this unit about 2-3 times a year.

With the vent pipe, you can use a brush, a small brush to clean the inside of the tube to clean the fibers, hair … still clinging to the body of the tube. You can clean the hose using a hand-held vacuum cleaner. Finally, you reattach the vent pipe to its original position.

The last step, you turn on the power, start the dryer, let it idle for a few minutes until the machine works fine.

Tips to make the dryer last longer:

– With fibrous fabrics, it is best to air dry instead of putting in the dryer.

– Always keep the drying drum clean, do not overload the machine.

– If you see any problem with the vent pipe (cracked, damaged), call a mechanic to check it carefully.

Thuy Linh (According to Housedigest)


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