How to classify socks (socks) not ‘lost each other’

On average, each year, a person can lose 15 pairs of socks (socks), which is about 1,125 socks in a lifetime, according to research by British scientists.

When packing and sorting, we often pull out each sock and look for the other. But sorting socks this way is only suitable if you have one or two pairs.

Professor Brian Christian, a computer scientist, calculated that on average, two pairs of socks will take four times longer to find one pair, five pairs will take 25 times longer and 100 pairs will take 10,000 times longer. .

In the book “Algorithms to live by”, he and co-author Tom Griffith argue that computer science techniques can help manage everyday situations rationally and effectively, including sorting socks.

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The algorithm that Christian suggested is to classify the number of socks you have in a specific category, for example color.

Suppose that in a basket of colorful socks, you create a gray pile, a black copper pile, and a white pile. Then you choose a number of different attributes, for example length. “One of the most important things to do is reduce the size of the problem,” the author says in the book. So in this case, they recommend dividing the socks into smaller groups, for easier classification.

Sorting by a certain basis can help “separation socks” find their halves faster than just taking random ones out of the giant pile.

Some people choose the solution that they think is more effective, which is to buy all socks of the same color, same style. However, there are still some small “accidents” that happen with, when the socks are dyed in different batches and not made of the same material.

After a short period of use, some of them fade faster than others, lengthening or shortening due to the stretchy material.

Divide everything into neat boxes to avoid confusion.  Photo: Istock

Divide everything into neat boxes to avoid confusion. Photo: Istock

British scientists in a study commissioned by Samsung to launch a new washing machine, found that newly bought socks can still get lost even if you throw enough pairs into the washing machine, but when you take them out, they are missing. The cause may be that during the washing process, the socks got into a certain corner of the washing tub. The heat and rotation will separate the laundry in the washing machine, which may have entered the drain hose.

Because they are so small, they can be dropped by the owner under the bed, get stuck between furniture, fall off the clothesline while drying….

One of the simplest ways to keep socks from becoming orphan, is to hang them together when drying. When the socks are dry, it is recommended to put two of the same pair in one, put in one box.

If you can’t be patient with sorting, perhaps the best way is to buy more socks of the same brand, color and material to find a new mate for orphaned socks.

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