How to choose responsible investments

On March 25, Bercy kicked off the reform of the SRI label (socially responsible investment, the main banner of the family of sustainable investments in France, and even in Europe. This official label, supposed to designate savers products the most virtuous for the environment and society, has been enjoying exponential success for four years.

It is now displayed by nearly 700 funds, weighing a total of nearly 470 billion euros in assets, and draining 5.8% of the financial savings of French households. Collective management funds (Sicav and FCP) – these “baskets of shares” of different companies – that individuals subscribe through their life insurance and securities accounts. 62% of SRI funds reported more than the average financial performance of funds in their category. Enough to fuel the enthusiasm of individuals and investors: far from the image of “charitable” investments, they are not only oriented in a more ethical way, but in addition, they are profitable!

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The downside? This label, piloted by the Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Recovery, is causing controversy. Real guarantee or trompe l’oeil? A recent report from the General Inspectorate of Finance (IGF) has just settled the debate. “Unless there is a major change, the SRI label is exposed to an inevitable loss of credibility and relevance. The SRI label makes a confused promise to savers ”, can we read in this deviation document

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