How to be happy despite being poor?

According to psychologists, happiness depends on what we think about the situation, rather than about the situation itself.

Poverty means that you lack enough money to meet the basic needs of life. Poverty makes it not always easy to maintain the required optimism.

However, money is not the ultimate decision to live a happy life. Even if you are not rich right now, you can still be happy, if you apply the following psychological tricks.

Appreciate what you have

The main secret of happiness is appreciating what we have, including our health, where we live, our friends, family, money…

Focus on all you have because you can be rich your own way. On the contrary, if you focus only on what you don’t have, you will feel dissatisfied, no matter how much money or possessions we have.

The current situation is only temporary

Oprah Winfrey was homeless before becoming a TV personality, a millionaire. JK Rowling, author of Harry Potter, was a single mother living off unemployment benefits.

Therefore, no matter how bad your life is right now, you will find a way to improve it. You may get a better job, earn more money, or the economy will change and help you bounce back. So think about what the next step will do, how, gradually you will get out of the difficult situation.


Need to find ways to take good care of yourself, including eating healthy, getting enough sleep, exercising, motivating yourself with positive words… When your health is good, you will feel more optimistic. . Make sure you’re performing as well as possible. Don’t make yourself a slut. According to the researchers, looking at ourselves neatly in the mirror sends a message to the brain that we can take the next steps of a task and complete it.

Find inspiration

Books are a great place to find inspiration. Reading helps you find many things close to your own situation, from which there is a certain template for reference and overcoming difficulties.

Helping others

You don’t need to be rich to be able to help others. One of the ways to be happy if you are poor is to contribute to the community. For example, participating in volunteer activities, helping neighbors, neighbors… will make you feel good.

Do fun activities

Walking, camping within the allowable cost, visiting relatives in the house, going to the library, walking the dog, meditating… do not cost you money, but can help you relax very well.

Find a comrade

Most of the poor are depressed because they compare themselves to the richer. If you do, you will forever focus on what you don’t have. If you spend time with like-minded people and learn from each other, you will find things easier.

Set realistic goals

You should set daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals, however make sure that your goals are achievable. Ask yourself what you are going to do to achieve these goals and track each step you take to get there.

Budgeting, thrifty spending

To feel not poor, you must first have money. To have money, you must know how to spend it wisely based on the amount of money you have. If you shop without a plan, spend more than you earn, you will not be able to escape poverty.

Even if you only spend a small amount of savings every month, you can still accumulate small amounts of money. The feeling of having savings, no matter how small, will make you a lot more comfortable, science has proven it.

Thuy Linh (According to Money Connexion)


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