How to answer 6 conundrums of recruiters

“Your weaknesses?”, “How did your coworkers comment on you?”, Or “Do you want to ask anything?” … are the questions that employers often ask, but not everyone knows how to answer .

Based on job search websites, employer articles and internet user’s opinion, Bright Side have found the answers to the toughest questions you can ask in a job interview.

What are your weaknesses?

Don’t joke about your weaknesses and laugh at them, admit them honestly. The best thing an interviewer looks forward to is knowing how strong your weaknesses are.

For example, a year ago, English was pretty bad, but you have signed up for courses and can speak the language fluently. There are no perfect people, but recruiters value how you grow: Acknowledge your imperfections and work hard to improve.

How do colleagues comment on you?

Perhaps a person will want to speak sarcasm or openly praise themselves when asked this question. But you shouldn’t. The goal of an employer is to find out if a candidate can evaluate himself objectively.

You can answer the question in the following way: “I think people appreciate … of me the most” and list your strengths in this (…). For example, are you always willing to help a colleague get something done? It would be perfect to talk about it. This answer is nothing to boast about, but it is another opportunity for you to show your abilities.

If it were a fruit, what would you do?

The purpose of these abstract questions is to see a candidate’s reaction in real time. They will be confused, deny the question or say they don’t understand the question ….

All of this can show an employer how a capable person would behave in unexpected situations. There is no correct answer to this type of question.

It doesn’t matter which orange or apple you choose (however, if you name an exotic fruit, your employer may appreciate your “out of the box” thinking). The most important thing is to not worry but answer calmly, smile and explain your response.

Please describe yourself with a phrase?

You can use both adjectives and nouns to describe yourself. Don’t choose them at random, but based on your future location. If you are aiming for the position of manager, answer: “The leader”. There were also common responses such as “realist” or “extrovert”.

If the company stops paying, will you continue working?

Often times, many candidates answer “yes” because they think this is exactly what the potential employer is expecting – dedication and commitment.

But in reality, sometimes the recruiter wants to find an employee who knows the value of his professional skills. That is why the correct answer is “No”.

Do you have any question?

This question usually ends the interview. It would be perfect if you prepare ahead of time what to ask employers. Don’t ask questions about things you can easily find answers to in job vacancies or on company websites.

How to answer the 6 conundrums of employers - 2

You might ask why the former employee in this position left. This is like a double-hit arrow: you’ll prove you have analytical skills and will be able to avoid your predecessor’s mistakes when starting work.

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