How the Neapolitan mafia profited greatly from the epidemic

In these times of the third wave of the pandemic, the Neapolitan Camorra is rubbing its hands. The Covid-19 has made the health business flourish, a sector where the criminal organization is very present. “The coronavirus is a golden opportunity for Camorrist entrepreneurs”, diagnoses the chief of the public prosecutor’s office of Naples, Giovanni Melillo, 60 years, in charge of the Mafia for more than twenty years. There is on one side “An impressive availability of capital” and on the other “A hungry economic world, in search of financing to get by: the market feeds on organized crime and vice versa”.

In Italy, the pandemic is the bed of misery … and the mafia

Between March 2020, the start of the epidemic in the Peninsula, and the end of November 2020, the Italian Civil Protection distributed 2.13 billion protective masks against the virus. All should have been destroyed after use in specific public incinerators. Barely 20% have been. The Camorra took care of a good part of the rest, with inappropriate, even dangerous means, such as improvised storage sheds, sometimes victims of providential fires, the day before a technical inspection. In total, 2,767 dangerous and ultra-polluted sites have been located in around 40 municipalities, including Naples, Pompeii and Castellammare di Stabia.

Giovanni Melillo, chief prosecutor of Napes, in June 2019 (PAOLO MANZO / NURPHOTO VIA AFP)

“The Campania region is in the lead for traffic cr

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