How the DRK boss got a vaccination back in December – what a coincidence

Hamburg – You don’t treat yourself to anything else!

The German Red Cross is seething. Reason: Senior employees who are neither in the field nor in the ambulance have leftover vaccination doses injected. Including district boss Harald Krüger (63), on December 30, 2020.

After BILD had reported exclusively on the “leftover vaccination” at the fire service management, it is now clear: Top employees at the DRK also used cans that otherwise supposedly should have been destroyed. The “self-service campaign” came to light through complaints from employees about which the “Mopo” had reported.

Krüger now admits to BILD: “Yes, I was vaccinated.” People who “are close to the management team” also received the coveted spades. Krüger: “Two relatives of DRK employees who (…) were in our Corona control center for official or professional reasons were also offered an ad hoc vaccination.”

While over 80-year-olds wait for vaccination protection, DRK people who are not exposed to an increased risk got it instead …

Krüger defends himself against claims that a child also received the active ingredient: “The vaccine is not approved for use in children under 16 years of age. Since the vaccination is only carried out by doctors of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians, they would have violated their medical duties in the event of the vaccination (…). “

Krüger also emphasizes that on December 30th More than 40 employees from the ambulance service who are in real danger of corona have also been vaccinated.

A special meeting of the DRK Presidium will take place on Tuesday – to clear up the incidents!

“Humanity looks different” – a comment by Max Schneider

Max Schneider, Editor in Chief BILD Hamburg and the NorthPhoto: Fredrik von Erichsen

In the north there are millions of elderly and risk patients who are desperately waiting for a vaccination appointment. On the syringe that can save your life. But in the south of Hamburg there is Harald Krüger: The boss of the local German Red Cross knows how to get a vaccination quickly.

Krüger, colleagues and even relatives received the saving dose 33 days ago – at the height of the pandemic (almost 50,000 infections). Coincidence that he was in the right place at the right time?

It was obviously too costly to deliver the saving material to real victims in old people’s homes, care facilities and clinics.

The internal vaccination can hardly be objected to legally. Morally a cheek towards all the old and sick – as well as the three million volunteers, employees and sponsors at the DRK.

Someone who puts their own interests before Red Cross principles such as “humanity”, “impartiality” or “neutrality” can no longer be the face of one of the largest and most important charities.


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