How the Covid crisis sounded the end of “always more”

It was not so bad in March, with the announcement of a historic confinement, and it was even better this summer thanks to a necessary truce. But this entry into the fall, accompanied, in certain areas, by a return of restrictive anti-Covid measures, seems to plunge the French into deep depression.

The return of the Covid: depression, anxiety and weariness. You can’t get out of bed either?

Pierre-Yves Gomez, economist, professor at EM Lyon and author of “The Malignant Spirit of Capitalism” (DDB editions), sees in the current collective depression the expression of an inevitable transition phase towards a ” new world “.

Regarding the impact of Covid-19 on the social body, we thought that the hardest part, and therefore the depression, was behind us. So why do we feel a general feeling of weariness, anguish and gloom among the French?

First, because there was something new and temporary about the confinement. It was also spring. There was then, in some, a feeling of an early, strange vacation. With the start of the school year in September, activity should have resumed.

“The idea of ​​happy confinement in the countryside made me jump”

However, it is slower than expected. The economy and social life are constrained by anti-Covid measures and by the inertia of consumption. However, a society lives by customs and collective habits, such as going back to school, taking it back to school, taking vacations together … The fact that things do not pick up again

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