How should homeowners work with architects?

Finding an architect is not difficult, but many homeowners do not know how to ask questions and present their needs, which leads to spending money but the project is not satisfactory.

If you want to own a house with high aesthetics and scientific functions, you should seek the help of a design consulting company.

Hiring a design company will bring outstanding performance and results to the entire construction process. However, the level of efficiency and cost savings achieved depends on how you choose your companion.

Hiring a design consultant or architect when building a house will bring outstanding performance and results to the whole construction process. Image: shutterstock.

What to pay attention to when choosing a design unit?

1. Understand your own needs for the house in the future

While working with an architect, it is crucial that you propose the minimum requirements for your home. Do you want a house with architectural form, interior space according to any school or language (modern, neoclassical or classical…). Only when you know what you like, can the search be selective.

Each design consulting company or architect has its own strengths in designing a certain architectural school. So work with 2-3 architects to understand whose working style you fit in.

When choosing the right architect, it is necessary to clearly discuss the details of the project as well as financial capabilities and personal preferences such as how large the balcony is, what style of the kitchen… All needs to be done. clear communication.

2. Methods of working with architects and design units

How to make a request

It is necessary to determine the needs and uses before making a plan to build a house with an architect. Communicate in detail, clearly about the needs of you and your family. When the architect understands the requirements as well as the unique living culture of your family, they will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the land and apartment you own.

Don’t be too greedy when you put too many utilities or beauty in your request. Because aesthetic factors are based on the harmony and rationality of the whole. Not everything you want can be perfectly matched and implemented.

For example, when choosing the form of facade architecture for the house, do not focus too much on the form of the facade if the house is located deep in the alley, the views towards the building are almost absent. Instead, it is possible to choose simple architectural language solutions, giving full priority to the interior space. On the contrary, if the house has a beautiful facade, good views towards the house, then let’s discuss with the architect to come up with an architectural language suitable for the planning architecture of the whole area or a street. .

How to ask questions

You should learn in advance the architectural styles, functions of each space, feng shui or your own ideas. Thus, the conversation with the architect will become clearer and more specific.

In addition, it is necessary to ask the architect the following questions:

– How long will it take to complete the construction design document (After the idea plan has been finalized).

– Cost of design and estimate for the project.

– What is the strength of the architect?

It is necessary to list a detailed table describing the needs of you and your family members, as well as note down the items to present your decorating ideas fully and specifically.

In general, this information needs time to research, refine and discuss with other family members. So think carefully before proceeding to build a house. There should be a period of six months to a year of preparation and detailed planning before meeting the architect.

How architects work

Summarizing your opinions, requirements and with what is actually available, the architect will come up with a preliminary idea of ​​the optimal layout. After completing the above steps, the future house has completed 70% of the design. The rest is the implementation of technical drawings design including architecture, structure and electricity and water to complete the design documents.

Normally, a project from ideation to completion of design documents takes 30-40 days. This time helps you prepare economically, temporary accommodation… for the upcoming house-building period.

Note: Studying feng shui when building a house with many people is important, but don’t let this ruin the architect’s idea. Should refer to feng shui, combined with the architect to get the most harmonious layout in the house.

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