How second-hand clothes made their mark on store shelves

But what the hell is that old Marks & Spencer blue sweater doing in the textile department of the Auchan hypermarket in Pau? Alongside the rows of sweatshirts, leggings and frilly dresses In Extenso (the brand’s “children” brand), a new department has appeared: an assortment of second-hand clothes, indicated by signs green apple. Since the end of February, these new spaces, which can reach 50 square meters, have sprouted like mushrooms in about forty of the 124 Auchan hypermarkets, and the brand plans to generalize the experience. H&M jackets, Orchestra children’s bodysuits, Celio men’s shirts, well aligned on their racks, are classified by category and size, with barcode and laundry odor.

The only difference with the neighboring racks? Prices: 3 euros for t-shirts, 8 euros for dresses or 5 euros for our sweater which, before landing in Pau, made a long trip. It was donated by a customer of the Kiabi store in Louvroil, in the North, before crossing France to Béarn. In the meantime, he made a stop at Hastingues, 45 kilometers east of Bayonne.

Eric Gagnaire, co-founder, in 2013, of Patatam. (MARKEL REDONDO FOR OBS)

This is where, in the Landes countryside, the Patatam warehouse extends, the intermediary who collects, sort and transport clothes. Gone are the days when this start-up with a deliberately childish name, created in 2013 by three friends, sold second-hand overpyjamas online sent to

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