How much bonus does Ma Minh Cam receive when stopping PBA quarter-finals?

Sunday, January 3, 2021 19:01 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, billiard news) Player Ma Minh Cam regretfully stopped at the third leg of the PBA Tour 2020 when his opponent had unexpected moments.

Uymaz’s sublimation performance in front of Minh Cam:

On the afternoon of January 3, Ma Minh Cam entered the quarter-finals of the third leg of the PBA Tour 2020/21 tournament that was taking place in Korea. His opponent is veteran Turkish gambler Birol Uymaz.

Minh Cam stopped in the quarterfinals

Taking advantage of the previous problem, Uymaz soon scored a 5-point series to fully take the initiative and win the first game with a difference of 15-8, thereby leading 1-0. Without flinching, Minh Cam immediately responded with victory with the same score in game 2 to balance the game.

Game 3 can be considered as the turning point game of the match. Minh Cam continued to lead in speculative turns, but unfortunate misses in easy ball shots, especially inaccurate “Bank-shot” muscle lanes, cost him. From being 8-9 down, Uymaz shone with a 7-point shot to win 15-9 and once again took the lead.

Having the advantage, Uymaz played extremely sublimated in game 4. After Minh Cam’s miss, the Turkish player scored in 4 consecutive turns, including 8-point shot to win. overwhelmed 15-3, thereby winning the final 3-1 and gaining the right to the semi-finals.

This is a rather regrettable defeat for Minh Cam when in the previous round, this player had a great performance in a spectacular victory over superstar Frederic Caudron.

How much bonus does Ma Minh Cam receive when stopping PBA quarter-finals?  - 3

Player Birol Uymaz

In the quarterfinals, Minh Cam received a bonus of 5 million won (about 106 million dong) and 15,000 points on the PBA Tour men’s singles chart. After this tournament, Minh Cam will play in the PBA Team League 3-team carom tournament, which will take place from January 7-12, 2021.

Stage 3 of the PBA Tour called “Cup NH Nonghyup Card” took place from December 31, 2020 to January 4, 2021 in the capital Seoul (Korea). In rounds 128 and 64, the players will compete in the Survival format. From round 32, the players competed in a 5-game knockout win 3.

Each PBA Tour segment has a total value of 250 million won (5.3 billion VND). Only the enemy received 100 million won (2.12 billion dong).

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