How lucky: boy (3) crashes into a manure pit with a tractor and survives

Arberg – With a boy (3) in the cab, a tractor fell into a manure pit on a farm in Bavaria.

It is conceivable that the boy had turned a lever, the police said on Wednesday. The boy was unharmed. His 43-year-old father, who was able to jump to his son in the driver’s cab before the fall, was slightly injured.

According to the police, it still has to be checked why the tractor started rolling and whether the boy was really the trigger.

The accident on the property in Arberg in the Ansbach district had already happened a week ago. First of all, the “Altmühl-Bote” reported about it this Wednesday.

According to the police, the vehicle fell forward into the liquid manure pit, which was 3.10 meters deep at the time. Photos show that the tractor, to which a trailer was still attached, sank almost completely.

The father was able to call for help from the cabin. According to “Altmühl-Bote”, an acquaintance with a ladder finally helped the two out of their predicament. The tractor was eventually recovered using a crane. There was property damage of 50,000 euros.


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