How Lidl became trendy

The discount king has struck again. This Thursday, January 7, the Lidl firm will once again make the buzz by putting on sale a pair of lined suede boots, whose design clearly evokes the famous model from UGGS, but an unbeatable price: 9.99 euros! Even before they were put on the market, the shoes ignited the web and some are already speculating on the price they will be worth, in a few weeks, on online resale platforms. Will the pair of boots thus meet the same fate as the Lidl branded sneakers, sold last July in Belgian stores for 12.99 euros… and sold for more than 1,300 euros on eBay?

Anyway, it is clear that regular planetary buzz shots (like PlayStation4Slim at 95 euros launched this summer, the electric piano at 449 euros or the “AirPods” at 25 euros, marketed last September), the German brand is now establishing itself as a trendy and disruptive icon in the well-ordered landscape of French supermarkets. Lidl continues to gain ground, prancing in the leading duo of the most beautiful progressions, next to E. Leclerc. The brand, which claims to gain 400,000 new customers per month, reached in July – when the famous sneakers went on sale – the record 6.5% market share.

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This is not yet the 8% she set for 2020, but she is approaching it. AT

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