How King Mattress takes care of consumer sleep

100 million Vietnamese people will have millions of different sleep patterns. Researching to create softer, quieter, more beautiful mattresses that fit each person is the Mattress King’s 13-year journey.

“Measure ni shoem” each sleep

Last week, Thanh Hoa, living in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, took her mother to Vua Nem store to choose a mattress. Her mother has had back and joint pain for many years, so in addition to medicine and physical therapy, she thinks a good mattress can help her sleep well.

After 20 minutes of testing the mattress, the mother and daughter choose a soft mattress, with moderate softness, suitable for people suffering from spinal pain. “Every morning when I wake up, my mother no longer feels tired as before, making me very happy”, Ms. Hoa said.

Over the past 13 years, Vua Nem Researches to create softer, quieter, more beautiful mattresses that fit each person.

Years ago, it was difficult for customers to find the experience space to choose the mattress they needed. Ly are traditional shops. Small shops, mattresses stacked, consumers can only try to touch them with their hands. Now on. Vua Nem has “made shoes” for each sleep when selling 27-30 types of rubber mattresses, spring mattresses to foam.

Not only selling and opening up spaces with different types of mattresses for customers to try on, Vua Nem also inquired about symptoms of difficulty sleeping, posture, sleeping habits, health, weight … to help customers find a the most comfortable mattress. If the consumer makes a wrong choice, within 100 days of the purchase, they will be able to exchange for a new product at no cost to change the mattress. You can even buy a swap mattress package after 365 days to be able to sleep better.

Not only that, but the cumbersome and heavy are no longer a burden. For example, when you put the mattress on the Mattress King, the mattress will be packed neatly rolled up and transported to the house. The foam mattress is durable, light, smooth, and comfortable to support the body that can be easily erected after waking up, spending less effort moving the mattress from room to room, changing bed sheets. week becomes easy.

Million dollar sleep market

In October this year, Vua Nem celebrates its 13th anniversary. However, Hoang Tuan Anh, the CEO of this brand, does not think that he is just a mattress seller but sells good sleep.

Mr. Hoang Tuan Anh said that according to preliminary statistics, Vietnam has about 25 million households and 40% of these use mattresses. With the life cycle of the mattress of 7-8 years, each household has about 2 mattresses, the average Vietnamese needs 4 million sheets per year. Based on the average value of an order to buy mattresses and blankets 4-5 million VND, the market size related to this sleep is estimated at about 16,000 – 20,000 billion VND, equivalent to 650 – 800 million USD.

Hoang Tuan Anh, CEO of Vua Nem.

Hoang Tuan Anh, CEO of Vua Nem.

The attractiveness and potential of the Vietnamese sleep market can be seen in part through the 2019 financial report of Everpia Joint Stock Company, owner of the brand of Everon bedding, with sales of more than 1,000 billion VND. Meanwhile, Song Hong Joint Stock Company (MSH) has a revenue of more than 4,400 billion VND in 2019, an increase of 76% compared to 2015 revenue of 2,500 billion VND. “Currently, there is no mattress selling chain that accounts for 5% of the market share. With the current 3% market share of Vua Nem, I think the potential for a breakthrough to 20-30% is very large”, Mr. Tuan Anh expected.

“We statistic that a good mattress costs 8 million dong, the life cycle of 8 years, the average cost per year is one million dong. Thus a month is approximately 90,000 dong, equivalent to 3,000 dong. / night. 3,000 VND can be decided for health is it worth investing? I believe many people can easily decide if they know the power of sleep, ”Mr. Tuan Anh said.

Currently, Vua Nem operates in the direction of omni channel and develops many channels, from physical stores, to e-commerce models, in association with partners to open shop-in-shop stores. CEO Vua Nem revealed that the company has a double-digit annual growth, showing that the number of Vietnamese who want to take care of their sleep is increasing. “We want when people who need to buy mattresses or have problems with sleep will think of Vua Nem. The brand provides solutions for Vietnamese sleep and health,” said Mr. Tuan Anh.

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