How is the volleyball goddess Sabina pampered by her father?

Wednesday, January 6, 2021 11:19 AM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, volleyball news) Sabina Altynbekova has always considered this man “unique” that no one can replace.

Since appearing at the youth league in 2014 in Japan, Sabina Altynbekova has made the volleyball world flutter because of her beauty. She doesn’t stand out, but beauty is what brings Sabina closer to the audience.

Sabina is happy with her husband

There are millions of men who fall in love with the 24-year-old beater, which is why when Sabina suddenly got married, many men were almost “dumbfounded”, they fell into a feeling of inadequacy. description. The husband of the batterer, businessman and comedian Sayat Salmanuly, has many secrets revealed by the Okezone website after the simple, cozy wedding but made the public noisy.

In addition to reporting Sabina’s wedding photos, Okezone website also said that the couple was so tight that “did not follow each other on social networks”. They secretly love each other and do not reveal anything on their personal pages.

After officially getting married, Sayat Salmanuly naturally became the “number 1” man in Sabina’s life. However, the “number 1” man in her life was not Sayat, but a respected father. “The number one man in my life is a father, this is no one to replace,” Sabina Altynbekova captioned for the Instagram photo, she held her hand and looked at her father lovingly.

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Father, is the “number 1” man in Sabina’s life

Sabina’s family has 4 people, and she has an older sister. From a young age, the two sisters were pampered by their parents like two princesses. Sabina has a passion for volleyball who wants to go professionally, but her mother stops her, at that time her father was the one who persuaded her mother to let her go into sports. Always receiving absolute support from her father, Sabina always loves and considers it the “number 1” man of life.


Volleyball goddess Sabina

(Sports news, volleyball news) The identity of the beautiful woman’s husband has been revealed.


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