How is Coca-Cola ‘golden swallow’ in the minds of consumers?

Coca-Cola’s spring swallows have become a symbol to remind Tet for more than 15 years with diverse and meaningful designs year after year.

Phuong Nghi, a student at Van Lang University, Ho Chi Minh City still has the memory of being carried by her mother on a motorbike when she was a child. She often engrossed her gaze at the billboards on the street, then mumbled the words, or studied the pictures until they disappeared. Therefore, she was deeply impressed when she caught the golden swallow wings on the typical red background of Coca-Cola. She said that every time she sees a golden swallow on a billboard, she knows that Tet is coming, she is going to go out, and she is about to receive money to celebrate the year.

During the past 15 years, every Tet holiday, consumers have come across the image of a golden swallow in Coca-Cola’s Tet products. Each year, Coca-Cola’s “swallow wing” signaling the coming of spring puts on a new look, through annual themed designs.

An outdoor billboard filled with red and the iconic image of Coca-Cola’s golden swallow wings at a corner of Ho Chi Minh City. Photo: Hoang Quan.

For the 2015 New Year of the Goat, the golden swallow is shaped with the design of “animal – fortune – fortune”, instead of wishing a full spring. 2016 New Year’s Eve, the golden swallow is stylized into the shape of a star, heart and apricot flower. In the 2018 New Year of the Rat, the golden swallow is personified again, evoking family affection, love for couples, and community. Welcoming the New Year of the Ox 2021, Coca-Cola’s golden swallow wings convey the meaning “Simple things make a magical New Year”. This year, the swallows “bond – share – hope” send the message of “Bringing magic home” with Coca-Cola, aiming for a more prosperous new year for Vietnamese consumers after one year. many fluctuations.

After a stressful and tumultuous year due to the epidemic, the thing that many people look forward to most during this Tet is to visit their family, chat with loved ones, cook a tray of rice on Tet holiday or decorate their home to welcome spring in English. burst into laughter. That is also the reason why Coca-Cola’s swallow wings carry the message of “connecting – sharing – hoping” for the Tiger New Year 2022.

Ms. Quy, a small trader at Hoang Hoa Tham market, Tan Binh district, Ho Chi Minh City said: “In the last few days, customers have started buying Tet goods, the most are still Coca-Cola, confectionery, Tet jam… Everyone is busy. Obviously carrying it in my hand makes me feel happy, I hope everyone has a warm New Year.”

Ms. Huong, a housewife in Go Vap district, Ho Chi Minh City, every time she goes to the market or supermarket, she sees Coca-Cola red with yellow swallow everywhere, making her look forward to Tet. Since last week, she has started thinking about what to buy and cook for this New Year. Her son goes to work far away and her daughter goes to study abroad. When Tet comes, she and her husband just hope that the family has enough people to gather warmly.

When the alley is put on a new coat, that is when Tet is also very close.

The context of an alley is given a new coat when Tet comes in Coca-Cola’s TVC.

Busy with year-end projects, Truong, an office worker in Phu Nhuan district shared: “Inadvertently seeing a Coca-Cola ad on TV, I suddenly remembered that it was almost Tet and it was time to say goodbye. the old year goes away, to be ready to welcome a new year with the hope that the Tiger will be more prosperous than the Tan Ox”.

In addition to the eye-catching bright red advertising image that attracts users, the brand also launched TVC Tet on many media. With the theme “Bringing Miracles Home”, TVC reminds us that magic still exists in every moment when we share and connect with those around us.

The reason why Coca Cola chose the golden swallow as the symbol of Tet holiday

“Many generations of Vietnamese have grown up with Coca-Cola. We are extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to be a part of every meal, witnessing the magical bonding between family members, especially on the weekends. Whether it’s to welcome new beginnings or enjoy a taste of comfort, every time you pop the Coca-Cola cap, each person enjoys an exciting breath of fresh air, connecting relatives and friends. and the community, especially on each occasion of Tet to spring,” shared Ms. Nguyen Lan Yen, Marketing Director of Coca-Cola Vietnam.

Coca-Cola’s New Year 2022 campaign includes many activities to realize real magical experiences for consumers. In particular, the brand encourages consumers to scan the QR code on Coca-Cola cans of the New Year 2022 edition, digital billboards, outdoor advertising, and dining venues and events, or visit the website to get chance to receive gifts.

Notably, the “Giant Swallow” model appeared in some public places for people in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi to visit, save magical moments, participate in games… during the trip. Spring trip with family and friends.

“With ‘Bring the Miracle Home’, Coca-Cola believes that, no matter how small a moment or a big event, a new experience or an old memory, all can create surprises, become a miracle with someone, creating a really meaningful and warm Tet”, the brand representative added.

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