How does reading before bed help children develop?

Creating a habit of reading every night will strengthen the bond between parents and children, plus many other skills that will probably come in handy later on.

1. Teach your child to be patient

Patience is a valuable life skill that many people may lack. Thankfully, those things can be taught to children at a very young age. By listening to stories read by parents makes children more patient. That way, in the future, your child will be a good listener, making everyone feel heard and valued.

2. Enrich your child’s vocabulary

Reading is not only good for us, but it can also be very good for children. According to a study conducted at Rhode Island Hospital (USA), babies who were read to had a 40% increase in vocabulary acquisition, compared to 16% of the group that did not read.

3. Develop imagination

Reading expands our imagination, so naturally it will spark your child’s imagination. The more we read to our children, the easier it is for them to picture those words and stories in their minds. The constant training of the brain will improve the child’s imagination, be more creative and more open to new ideas.

4. Teach children how to be empathetic

You may not know that books and empathy go hand in hand. When children are read or read to themselves, they have the opportunity to see and experience the story from the character’s point of view. That way, children can understand what’s going on with those characters, experience their experiences, and understand their feelings.

5. Encourage participation and improve conversation skills

Reading improves children’s ability to interact and communicate. Don’t get too upset if your child keeps interrupting you while you’re reading, that’s a very good thing. Answer your child’s questions, explain things, and connect what’s happening in the story you’re reading with something in real life. Parents can help kids get involved by asking them how the characters are feeling, what might happen next.

6. Teach children to pay attention

Children, especially young ones, are easily distracted, so reading to them can teach concentration and attention. Children must listen and sit still in order to understand the story. The benefits are better self-discipline, longer attention span and better memory capacity. Those are all useful skills for your child as an adult.

7. Inspire your child to love reading

By starting your child to read when they are still young, you are gradually helping them develop a passion for books and reading. Children, when reading books can limit their exposure to video games, TV and other forms of entertainment, even as they get older.

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