How a night out in the Sauerland turned into a road trip: With a taxi to Paris

Eslohe/Paris – Eslohe in Sauerland has around 8,700 inhabitants, is a state-approved climatic health resort, is Catholic, and is surrounded by a lot of forest. The Schützenfest at the end of June is the highlight of the annual calendar. As is well known, a lot of beer flows and the bands heat up properly.

A lot of beer bubbled on the last Saturday in January, music came out of the boxes, especially from Helene Fischer, and seven friends were sitting at the counter in the Reinert country inn in the Reiste district. The start of a crazy road trip!

Seven men, one idea (from left): Frederic Engelhard, Pascal Rickert, Anton Erdmann, Max Stratmann, Torben Kotthoff, Christian Tigges and Julian Fuchs

Photo: Marc Vollmannshauser

“Actually, a men’s regulars’ table from Arnsberg had ordered a large-capacity taxi next to us,” says Frederic Engelhard (25). “But then they changed their minds, so we took the waiting cab driver for a Coke.”

You get into a good conversation. About his longest taxi ride so far? “It was to Frankfurt,” says chauffeur “Wulfman” (47). His nickname is important to him, he doesn’t want to read the real one in the newspaper. “Because of all the attention.” At 11:15 p.m. someone says: “Let’s go to Paris. Now!”

“Wulfman”, who only drives a taxi on the weekends as a part-time job, is unsure: “First I had to call my boss to see if that would work.” It works. They agree on a fixed price of 1250 euros – 175 euros per person.

The landlady, Ute Reinert, gives you a fuffi as pocket money. “The boys are practically part of the inventory, they used to watch football with us when they were children.” Shortly afterwards, everyone climbed into the Ford Transit. “We stopped at our soccer club home, the SuS Reste, to get beer crates, a 5-liter keg of Veltins and a jukebox,” says Frederic.

Taxi driver

Taxi driver “Wulfman” experienced the trip of his life

Photo: Marc Vollmannshauser

Almost seven hours, 630 kilometers later, “Wulfman” throws his beloved companions out in front of the Eiffel Tower. “The whole journey we heard the music, my windows almost burst. But at least it was my style of music. And they were nice and funny.”

While “Wulfman” takes a hotel room to snooze for four hours, the Esloher boys Julian Fuchs (21), Anton Erdmann (21), Pascal Rickert (20), Torben Kotthoff (20), Christian Tigges (21), Max Stratmann (23) and Frederic continue to party, fill the metropolis with “Taxi nach Paris” by Felix de Luxe from 1984, are cheered on by other tourists and tap the keg. The Sauerlanders call it a morning pint. “If you stand in front of the Eiffel Tower in fantastic weather, you won’t get tired,” says electrical engineer Frederic.

The friends share their road trip on Tiktok and Facebook. Hundreds of thousands of clicks, a clip breaks the million mark at 8 a.m. Then around noon the return trip. “We slept a lot there,” admits Frederic.

Arrival in Reisete at 6 p.m. Half the village is there. “They cheered us on, gave us straight rounds of free beer. That was amazing!” Word had gotten around about the tour. Even to the Veltins brewery. “She wants to sponsor us,” marveled the buddies.

Photo: BILD

For “Wulfman” the journey was exhausting, but also “great”. “That was so much fun. But next time I’m going to Paris with my three children,” emphasizes the single father of three children (21, 19, 7).

Next time on a big trip? That should be next Friday. Because the seven are now eight, have added “Wulfman” to their WhatsApp group and are getting started again – this time to Amsterdam.


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