Housing statistics: There is a shortage of 11,600 apartments in Leipzig

Leipzig – The calculation is simple: there are around 341,500 households in Leipzig that need an apartment. On the other hand, according to the real estate specialists at Aengevelt, there are around 329,900 available apartments. The bottom line is a deficit of 11,600 apartments.

However, that number doesn’t mean there are so many homeless people out there. The following applies to determining the households: Every student in a dormitory is, for example, a household – even if he lives there in a kind of shared apartment.

Aengevelt sums up: “The housing market is almost balanced.” Bad for tenants: Because of the shortage, the asking rent rose to an average of 7.27 euros / m² cold (2015: 5.72 euros / m²).

One reason: the insufficient number of new apartments. 3800 would have to be added annually. In real terms, it has always been around 2,400 for the past three years.

This contrasts with another number: the city has approved the construction of around 4,000 new apartments every year since 2017. You should be wondering why they weren’t built.


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