House in the style of ‘sunlight through the leaves’

Lam DongGoing to Da Lat to build a house, the Saigon couple wanted the place to live to represent komorebi, a common word appearing in Japanese fictions, meaning “sunshine through the leaves”.

The 150-square-meter building was renovated from an old house, only the basement on the first floor is reinforced concrete, temporary prefabricated structure, located on a high slope in the heart of Dalat.

Both husband and wife love Japanese literature and architecture. Identifying “komorebi” as the core factor, architects made home designs with white as the main color.

Outside the building. Image: Quang Tran.

Outside, part of the wall is covered with corrugated iron with the intention of creating a simple but not boring surface. In addition, Da Lat has a large amount of humid air with a long rainy season, so this material becomes the second covering for the project. Corrugated iron is also environmentally friendly, can be reused many times.

To express the theme “sunshine through the leaves”, architects put into works the doors, wooden slats. The change in light effects, shadows through each time of day helps people to feel the sunlight, like sitting under a tree canopy.

Wood bar system creates interior effects.  Photo: Quang Tran.

Doors and wooden slats bring light into the house, while creating visual effects inside the building. Image: Quang Tran.

Inside, the interior is designed with a minimalistic spirit to meet the needs of both living and business on an area not too large of a homeowner. The average bedroom 8 – 10 m2, the largest room 14 m2, all have windows that open to the outside.

The cost of completing the project is 1.1 billion.

One-bedroom space.  Photo: Quang Tran.

One-bedroom space. Image: Quang Tran.

See drawings of the project here.

Click to see more pictures of the house.

Minh Trang

Image: Quang Tran

Design: AD9 Architects


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