Hotmom Thanh Tran’s secret to helping children develop comprehensively

Following expert advice, Thanh Tran regularly lets her children participate in physical activities, provides immune-boosting nutrition… to help them develop comprehensively.

Being a mother at the age of 21, now has 3 children, is preschool age and just a few months old, Thanh Tran is a famous hotmom on social networks with daily stories full of wit and humor. The mother of milk diapers living in Ho Chi Minh City also attracts the attention of netizens for her clever child-rearing secrets. Thanh Tran always tries to balance the pressure of “celebrity” with taking care of his family and home.

Hotmom Thanh Tran and eldest son. Image: NVCC

Like many other mothers, Thanh Tran also has constant worries about her children getting sick easily because children under 6 years old have immature resistance. Seasonal changes, erratic rain and sunshine can all make children sick. “Every time I’m sick, lying down in a corner, I can only look out the door and see my friends running and jumping and feel sorry for me. Mom can’t do my job, and I also miss many opportunities to learn good things every day. “, Thanh Tran shared.

To increase the child’s resistance, Thanh Tran pays attention to his children participating in exercise activities, especially outdoor activities. After 2 years of raging Covid-19, this summer, children can go out to play more instead of staying at home like before. Two brothers, Benny and Kelly, can participate in gifted subjects, practice sports, and learn more foreign languages.

Thanh Tran is especially interested in the advice of expert Anh Nguyen: letting children participate in outdoor play activities will help children strengthen their immunity, experience more gain and loss, and expand opportunities for communication and creativity. . In particular, the experience of gain – loss will help children form a correct understanding of failure and try, helping children confidently look to the solution when facing difficulties. Experts also advise parents to spend time with their children to explore nature such as taking walks, quizzes about the surrounding landscapes, or playing group games… so that children can see family cohesion and growth. up in the love and care of parents. Accumulating knowledge from the advice of experts is a method of taking care of children of modern mothers like Thanh Tran, helping their children grow up day by day.

Besides creating conditions for the two children to participate in summer activities, Thanh Tran also raises her children according to the nutrition regimen of the consultants. For example, along with a nutritious diet suitable for the children’s health, she also added two bottles of 65ml Probi yogurt in the daily diet for two children. The young mother learned that each product contains billions of exclusive beneficial bacteria L. Casei 431, which is not only good for digestion but also helps children strengthen their resistance from within, reduce minor illnesses, and keep their children healthy. and do not miss any opportunity to have fun, explore, learn every day.

Baby Benny was given Probi by mother Thanh Tran for good digestion and immunity.  Photo: NVCC

Baby Benny was given Probi by mother Thanh Tran for good digestion and immunity. Image: NVCC

“Watching her child grow and mature every day is extremely happy for Thanh. Therefore, Thanh always tries to bring the best for her child, from choosing milk, daily nutrition, to When it comes to a reasonable sleep schedule, so that my child has the best health foundation. When I am happy, healthy, free to explore and learn non-stop, I can also focus on work,” Thanh Tran confided.

According to experts, an important prerequisite in the development of children is a good resistance, thereby creating a premise for children to be healthy, not to miss opportunities to have fun and learn. Coming into the new school year, parents should pay more attention to strengthening their children’s resistance so that they are ready to study and play with friends at school.

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The product is recommended to use 2 bottles per day to strengthen resistance and prevent minor illnesses in children.

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