Hot kitchen instead of cold war: the rocket car turns into a calorie bomber


Ilmenau – The heavy Tatra truck with its 450 hp used to haul missiles for the GDR’s National People’s Army.

When the 12-ton vehicle thunders off in Neuhaus am Rennweg (Thuringia) today, it is still smoking and smoking: Because two chefs sizzle burgers and sausages inside.

Great demand: Master butcher Stuhlmann fries burgers as if on an assembly line

Photo: Marcus Scheidel / MAS picture agency

Hot kitchen instead of cold war!

Martin Bode (32), Martin Stuhlmann (34) and Thomas Jäger (41) bought the Czech-made Tatra 813 8×8 (built in 1981) from a towing company – and converted it themselves into Germany’s craziest food truck.

Teaser picture

Trucks with mobile rocket launchers at a weapons parade in the GDR in 1979

Photo: imago stock & people

Master butcher Bode: “We had to refurbish axles, engines and gears, and we built a brand new kitchen.” The trio has been using it for a year – but only within a radius of 30 kilometers! The rustic Tatra is now a little prone to breakdowns.

Business is still going well. And the oil change is now mostly due in the kitchen.

Teaser picture

Bode (32) and Stuhlmann (34, right) show their sweet potato fries and burgers

Photo: Marcus Scheidel / MAS picture agency


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