Hot girl Gym Thu Huong has an ant waist, it’s surprisingly easy to practice at home

Tuesday, September 21, 2021 16:01 PM (GMT+7)

(Sports news) Gym beauty Vu Thu Huong has revealed the secret of her practice to get her slim 58cm waist very simply during the epidemic season.

Gym exercises at home of hot girl Thu Huong during the epidemic season

Vu Thu Huong is a famous hot girl who is passionate about sports in Ho Chi Minh City. Besides Boxing or modern dance, beautiful 9x has more than 8 years of working with Gym and Yoga. Thanks to that, she has three hot measurements of 83-56-90 cm and attracts nearly 105,000 followers on her personal page. Although the current Covid-19 outbreak has forced the closure of gyms, Thu Huong has hardly missed a day of practice.

Thu Huong shows off her hot body, especially her small second round during the epidemic season, making viewers admire

In recent days, the hot girl from Quang Ngai has continuously attracted attention when posting pictures of keeping an attractive body during the epidemic season, especially her impressive 58 cm waist.

Revealing her secret, Thu Huong said: “During the time of social distancing, I almost always spend 30-60 minutes a day doing gym at home. Because I have a lot of experience, I often use everything I have at home to practice, most often sit-ups with the sofa. In addition, I also have some common exercise equipment such as small dumbbells, resistance bands, etc. Every day I maintain 100 regular sit-ups. Thanks to that, I kept my small waist.”

“Many people think that exercising at home to get in shape, especially taking care of the second round, is quite difficult, but I feel it’s not difficult, you simply need enough perseverance and determination.

I often share my exercises on social media, full of simple, easy-to-follow movements. For example, if you’re training for a small belly, you can do sit-ups every day. It’s easy to say, hard to persevere. Of course, you also need to eat healthy, “Thu Huong said.

Hot girl Gym Thu Huong has an

The beauty maintains regular exercise every day, especially crunches

Hot girl gym said that although she was only at home during this time, she did not feel bored. In addition to reading, learning more and doing sports, Thu Huong is also busy advising those who want to exercise at home but do not know how to start.

“I feel very happy to contribute to helping people love sports more, especially at a time when resistance is extremely important like now. Sports bring extremely positive energy. I hope people will pay more attention to their health by spending time exercising every day and even more wonderful with women is to maintain a slim and attractive body, “Thu Huong shared. .

Some notable pictures of Thu Huong:

Hot girl Gym Thu Huong has an

Hot girl Gym Thu Huong has an

In addition to the Gym, Yoga is also a very passionate and good 9x hot girl

Hot girl Gym Thu Huong has an

Hot girl Gym Thu Huong has an

Loving sports, Thu Huong maintains an impressive three-round measurement even though she hasn’t been to the gym in recent times

Hot girl Gym Thu Huong has an

Hot girl Gym Thu Huong has an

Hot girl Gym Thu Huong has an

Thu Huong has more than 8 years of working with Gym. In addition, she also knows Boxing and modern dance.


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