Hot battles in the MMA arena at Bellator MMA 274 on FPT Play

At 6 am on Sunday, February 20, the Bellator tournament will continue to air on FPT Play with Bellator 274 event. Two boxers Neiman Gracie and Logan Storley promise to give an extremely attractive competition. And there are many interesting points in this event.

Bellator 274 may not be a monumental event compared to the Grand Prix, or the previous title nights of Bellator MMA. However, less “stars” does not mean that everything will be boring.

The reappearance of the Gracie martial artist

For those who are fans of MMA, surely the name “Gracie” will create intense emotions. Because Gracie is a family that once stormed the world of MMA.

In the early 90s, the Gracie family continuously created shocks in the world of fighting martial arts with names like Rickson Gracie or Royce Gracie… The Gracie family also brought the fame of BJJ, also known as BJJ. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, developed worldwide.

Neiman, the fighter with the Gracie family name and bloodline, has a great responsibility to continue the Gracie’s exploits in the world MMA arena.

Neiman Gracie has an advantage when mastering Brazilian judo in real combat over his opponent (Image source: Bellator)

At Bellator 274, Neiman Gracie will have to face Logan Storley, a fighter with a better MMA record than Neiman. Despite being a BJJ black belt under the Gracie family’s training system, the current MMA is too different from when the Gracie family came to this format. Even Gracie’s opponent, Storley, is a boxer with a good strength background with a knock-out rate of up to 67%.

The match between Neiman Gracie and Logan Storley will be a typical “style vs style” match of MMA. On one side is the infamous “grappler” with its superior locking ability; one side is “striker” with amazing knock-out power. This is a big challenge for the Gracie martial artist.

“The Wrestling Machine” Brennan Ward

Brennan Ward, former US National Level 3 Wrestling Champion, will deliver some of the bloodiest fights at Bellator 274. Ward’s 12 wins ended early in lockdown and knock-out out of 14 of his 14 wins. older brother. Not only that, 9 of them are battles Ward won in the first round.


The main skill is the move that Brennan Ward is most confident in bringing to the Bellator MMA arena (Image source: Bellator)

The chaotic, impromptu playing style makes Brennan Ward sometimes encounter difficult situations. However, Ward’s “crazy” always satisfies every martial arts fan.

Despite a long hiatus due to injury, the former Bellator Season 9 Tournament champion promises to still give the audience the most “burning” moments of Bellator 274 night.

Former King Bellator confronts the undefeated puncher

In the main match of the night of Bellator 274 at Mohegan Sun Stadium, former Bellator middleweight champion Andrey Koreshkov (April 24), will return to the ring to face undefeated Murkhamed Berkhamov (14-4) 0).


Andrey Koreshkov returns to Bellator MMA in the hope of asserting himself in a higher division (Image source: Bellator)

Still harboring championship ambitions, Koreshkov’s return to the prestigious Bellator belt is not easy, especially when he has to face a dangerous boxer like Murkhamed Berkhamov.

The fight between 2 Russian fighters promises to satisfy any fastidious fan.

Bellator’s enduring “record” – Georgi Karakhanyan

Few people have the ability and enduring performance like the old general Georgi Karakhanyan. Karakhanyan’s tireless performance and intensity has made fans nickname him.

36 years old is a “crazy guy” when this puncher has had 44 professional fights during the past 16 years.


Georgi Karakhanyan is a living monument at Bellator MMA with the spirit of never giving up despite getting old (Image source: Bellator)

Many of Karakhanyan’s colleagues have retired or have had to reduce the frequency of competition because of the burden of age. But Georgi Karakhanyan still plays regularly 2-3 matches a year. In particular, in 2008, this boxer competed in 8 matches.

To visualize this horror, remember that professional boxers usually only fight 1-2 fights in a year to spend time “maintenance” of the body.


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