Hot badminton girl Thuy Linh makes an Olympic impression, confidently racing world stars

Wednesday, July 28, 2021 11:29 AM (GMT+7)

(Sports news, Olympic news) “Hot girl” badminton Nguyen Thuy Linh has shared after an impressive journey at the last Olympics, especially the confidence to be able to compete fairly with top tennis players. world in the near future.

Video Thuy Linh gives an interview:

Nguyen Thuy Linh (class 49 in the world) has finished her journey at the Tokyo Olympics 2021 quite impressively with two victories against higher ranked players, Qi Xuefei (France, 41st in the world) and Sabrina Jaquet (world No. 41). Switzerland, 46th in the world).

Hot badminton girl Thuy Linh impresses the Olympics, confidently races world stars - 1

Thuy Linh plays impressively at the Tokyo Olympics 2021

The 23-year-old female tennis player started very well when it only took 34 minutes to beat Qi Xuefei in 2 sets with the same score of 21-11 in the opening match. Then against an experienced Sabrina Jaquet, Thuy Linh did even better when she won 2-0 after 33 minutes, in which she won the first set quickly in 13 minutes with a 21-8 difference.

Thuy Linh only stopped when she lost to the world No. 1 player Tai Tzu Ying in a match where the Vietnamese female athlete played very well with many attack situations that made the audience applaud.

Hot badminton girl Thuy Linh makes an Olympic impression, confidently racing world stars - 3

23-year-old badminton hot girl has two wins against higher rated opponents

Sharing after participating in the Olympic arena for the first time, Thuy Linh said: “I am very happy with what I have done at this Olympics. After 3 matches, win or lose, I have learned a lot of experience, improved my level, especially realized what I did not do well in the tournament.

I came to the Olympics after more than a year without being able to compete internationally. Even so, my mood is still very relaxed and confident.

After the match with the world No. 1, I felt very happy because I realized that it is completely possible to compete with the top athletes in the world, my level is not too far away from them. This will be a great motivation for me to practice more in the future,” Thuy Linh shared.

The 23-year-old Vietnamese player thinks that her chances of going on will be much higher if she is not in the same group as Tai Tzu Ying, but Thuy Linh believes that she has done well in the match against this very strong opponent. . Even the loss to Tai Tzu Ying also helped Thuy Linh become more confident in training as well as confronting the world’s top tennis players later.

Hot badminton girl Thuy Linh impresses the Olympics, confidently races world stars - 4

Thuy Linh is confident in her own level before the world’s top tennis players

It seems that the Tokyo Olympics 2021 is becoming a big turning point for Thuy Linh, promising this young tennis player will challenge higher milestones on the world stage.

Sharing the development plan for Thuy Linh in the near future, Vietnam badminton coach Ngo Trung Dung revealed: “After finishing the Olympics and returning to the country, if the epidemic situation is well controlled, we will bring Linh back to play at the club in Japan so that Linh has the best preparation for the next SEA Games as well as more perfect in tactical techniques. I am very happy with what Linh has done in this tournament and believe that she will have more success in the future.”


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