Hostage-taking at Tegernsee: what will happen to their child now?

Tegernsee – It must have been dramatic scenes when the police were called to Schwaighofstrasse 9 in Tegernsee.

Rosario I (46) had taken his girlfriend Christina V (25) hostage and threatened her with a knife. The police did everything they could to save the young woman’s life. The bloody hostage drama ended with two dead.

At 7:24 p.m., the emergency call from neighbors was received at the operations center. Once again there was a loud argument among the lovers. But on Tuesday evening, the Italian Rosario went completely crazy.

The officers alerted a special task force from Munich. But time was running out and the situation in the apartment became more and more precarious. Rosario is said to have screamed: “Woe, you’re coming in!”

Behind the door he held his girlfriend hostage. Meanwhile, the action had shifted to the balcony. When he stabbed her, the police made emergency access – to save the life of the Romanian Christina.

The officers fired several shots at hostage-taker Rosario and shot him. Unfortunately, any help came too late for the young mother. According to BILD information from the public prosecutor’s office, Rosario stabbed the woman several times. She died too.

On Wednesday, forensics officials secured evidence on the balcony, took photos of the railing and measured everything.

The motive for the act is still unclear. Your two-year-old child is now living with relatives for the first time.


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