Host vom Gulden Stern: Blood cancer at 82: Bratwurst legend Hilleprandt dead

Nuremberg – One of the city’s bratwurst legends is dead! “Gulden-Stern” host Martin Hilleprandt died at the age of 82 – blood cancer!

More than three decades ago, the Garmischer native bought a demolished half-timbered house on Zirkelschmiedsgasse for a sandwich – and only then discovered that it was the oldest bratwurst kitchen in the same place (since 1419)!

He had the house restored with great care and ensured real Nuremberg sausage culture in it. “My Röstla must never be pre-brewed,” he let the BILD reporter know.

For years he had a legal dispute with the historical Wurstkuchl in Regensburg: Which bratwurst kitchen is the oldest in the world? In 2000, the court found both of them right: the Wurstkuchl exists longer, but the Gulden Stern longer in the same location.

In 2015 a junkie broke into the Gulden Stern. Angry that he only found the tip box with 150 euros, he set a fire. Hilleprandt had initially suspected an attack by a competitor, he had the inn rebuilt.

Wife Beata, daughter Sofia and son Martin now want to take care of that and the twelve employees.

Martin Hilleprandt was buried in his home town of Garmisch. Daughter Sofia: “That’s what he wanted.”


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