Hospitals, easy targets in the face of cyberattacks

Confusion is still general in the hospitals of Villefranche-sur-Saône, Tarare and Trévoux (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes), this Tuesday, February 16. The day before, at 4.30 am precisely, a major cyberattack was detected on the computer network of the North West Hospital, used by the three sites (1,500 beds). Concretely, their 3,000 computers had to be turned off and unplugged, all e-mails put out of service, all telephony made inaccessible (except for emergencies), and surgical operations postponed.

Since then, patients presenting to the emergency room have been redirected to neighboring hospitals, with the exception of the most serious cases, childbirth and anti-Covid vaccination. As for all 2,600 employees, “ it’s back to paper and pencil for all the procedures “, We are told,” and we have set up a team of couriers to quickly transmit documents within establishments “. A system D facing a cyber-paralysis attributed to the “Ryuk crypto-virus”.

The despicable software, which appropriates the name of the “god of death” from the famous manga “Death Note”, is part of this category qualified as “ransomware”, that is to say, it encrypts all data. computer network and demands a ransom for the promise (true or false) to return access. At the North West Hospital, we are confirmed that a ransom demand has been sent, but that the intervention team has not yet been

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