Horror parents fought for animals but tortured their foster children

They had a heart for cats and dogs, but the house of Gabriele (51) and Martin P. (58) in Windsbach (Bavaria) was hell for their foster children. Now the horror parents were cracked by district judge Claudia Hofmann to hammer penalties: four years in prison for the mother, two years on probation plus 34,000 euros in compensation for the father!

Ansbach – For two months, the two foster parents had to answer to the Ansbach district court for mistreatment of wards. According to public prosecutor Gaby Hofmeier, they have been inflicting unimaginable torment on their six assigned children since 2002 – while Gabi P. herself was on demos as an animal welfare activist and described animal torturers as “dirt pack” on the Internet.

Gabi P. posted this photo on the Internet and condemned the animal abusers. What she did to her foster children did not end up on her profile and on the webPhoto: Jörg Völkerling

Eating excrement, beatings, horror – the atrocities of the parents

According to the indictment, the children were given spoiled porridge, had to spend the winter night naked in the garden or locked in a firewood shed until their hair froze and their feet turned blue. Then Gabi P. is said to have smeared heat ointment into a girl’s eyes until she couldn’t see anything anymore and screamed in pain. When she spat out the porridge, P. is said to have hit her head with a spoon until it bled.

Eating one’s own excrement, being beaten with a bamboo stick and wooden stick, sleeping while standing – the prosecution lists all of these as punitive measures. According to the prosecutor, Gabriele P.’s motto was “If you don’t hear, you have to feel”. According to the court, her partner Martin P. knew about the physical and psychological abuse, but did not protect the children.

At a demo, Gabriele (51) and Martin P. (58) campaigned for animals

At a demo, Gabriele (51) and Martin P. (58) campaigned for animalsPhoto: Jörg Völkerling

The most bizarre humiliation was experienced by a 26-year-old: As a bed-wetter, according to the investigation, he was given special underpants that gave off a ringing tone when it was wet, which in turn could only be switched off in the foster parents’ bedroom. As punishment, he is said to have had his head dipped in a rain barrel and suffered fear of death as a result.

Unbelievable: At the same time, Gabi P. and her partner happily posted photos with their well-fed dogs in the garden and on the beach.

While they tortured their children, they spoiled their animals

While they tortured their children, they spoiled their animals Photo: Jörg Völkerling

Only Martin P. admitted that he had not intervened: “I made mistakes, I’m sorry.” The foster mother demanded an acquittal and otherwise said not a single word of apology. She saved the to sacrifice not the testimony and even wanted to drag three of them in front of a testimony psychologist.

“Such a clarified behavior shocks me,” said the prosecutor. “It was a ritualized punishment system to torment the children.” The lay judge had no doubts about the children’s testimonies: they described the same punishment methods independently of one another and without zeal.


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