Horror accidents all over Germany – fatal Friday afternoon!

Behind each of these calamities are desperate family and friends who now only ask themselves one question: Why?

Several people in different federal states were injured or even died in serious car accidents. Deadly Friday afternoon!

The train dragged the car 200 meters

Two people were killed in an accident at a level crossing in Dagebüll near Flensburg. They were sitting in a car that, for an as yet unexplained cause, drove to an open level crossing on Friday afternoon – and was hit by a regional train. The two 75 and 74-year-old occupants of the car died at the scene of the accident, the police said.

Despite the emergency braking, the car was dragged around 200 meters before the train came to a stop, a police spokesman said. No other people were injured in the accident in Schleswig-Holstein. The train route was closed until around 8:40 p.m. More details about the course of the accident will now be determined.

One dead and four injured in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

A man was killed in a head-on collision between two cars near Neustrelitz (Mecklenburg Lake District). Four people were injured, three of them seriously.

According to the police, a 34-year-old driver had on Friday afternoon on the B96 to overtake a truck and then collided with an oncoming car.

Four men sat in the second car, and a 30-year-old died at the scene of the accident. The other three inmates (20-27 years old) were seriously injured. The person who caused the accident suffered minor injuries. The federal highway was completely closed at the accident site for around two hours.

Young man dies on the A81

A 20-year-old driver got his car under a truck on Autobahn 81 near Stuttgart and had a fatal accident. According to the police, he was on the middle lane in the direction of Heilbronn on Friday afternoon, turned to the right for an unexplained cause and collided with the trailer of a 40-ton truck. The 20-year-old’s car finally got under the truck.

The car was badly damaged, the driver died at the scene of the accident despite immediate resuscitation measures by first aiders, ambulance crew and emergency doctor.

The motorway was initially fully closed for 30 minutes, then partially for several hours. There was a ten-kilometer traffic jam in the direction of Heilbronn and a three-kilometer traffic jam in the opposite direction.


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