Horror accident: Here a dog is waiting for its master who has run dead

Ingolstadt – Master won’t come back, little one …

Intimidated, the wire-haired dachshund hides under a VW pick-up, looks sadly at the A 93. There, a few minutes ago his owner (53) was run over!

The frightened dog is sitting in the shade of the pick-up truckPhoto: NEWS5

▶ ︎It happened on Saturday at 1:20 p.m .: The dog owner from Geisenfeld (Bavaria) lost a poorly secured plastic tank from the loading area of ​​his vehicle between the Elsendorf and Aiglsbach runs. He stopped on the hard shoulder and ran out into the lane to get the tank.

The opponent's BMW stands dented on the A 93, behind which the dog owner's pick-up is parked

The opponent’s BMW stands dented on the A 93, behind which the dog owner’s pick-up is parkedPhoto: NEWS5

An approaching BMW driver (54) overlooked the man – and hit him head-on at high speed! The dog owner was fatally injured and the driver was slightly injured.

Firefighters took care of the frightened dog and put a grease tray full of water in front of him. According to the police, the relatives of the deceased are now taking care of the little wire-haired dachshund.


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