Honda cautiously launches the world’s most autonomous car

Long mocked by the competition for its late conversion to new mobility technologies, Honda signed this Friday a strong symbolic victory in the automotive market by marketing the first so-called level 3 autonomous sedans on the planet. If all the giants of the sector already offer cars with “level 2” autonomy to the general public, where the vehicle can brake and accelerate on its own and can partially control the steering wheel, the Japanese manufacturer is selling, exclusively in Japan and at the price of 11 million yen (85,000 euros), its Legend Hybrid EX.

This model is able to take over, without human, all the basic driving functions in a particular environment at low speed. “This autonomous technology has the potential to reduce the load on the driver while eliminating human errors that cause traffic accidents,” said Yoichi Sugimoto, engineer in online press. head of Honda’s R&D division.

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