Home office: Civil servant calls himself because he does not want to work

Bold, but not stupid …

A Swedish tax official called himself for hours because he wanted to relax in the home office instead of talking to customers. The 28-year-old named Andreas killed 55 hours with the scam – that’s seven working days. Now he is threatened with dismissal.

Between March 10 and May 5, Andreas called 32 times on his cell phone. In the tax office system, he always appeared busy and all calls were forwarded to his colleagues.

The brazen method was not noticed at first because the officer had been working from home since January. It was only in April that his supervisor noticed that he was on the phone for an unusually long time compared to other employees. “Some of these calls lasted for hours,” said the agency’s report.

▶ ︎ Particularly bold: Even after Andreas had admitted the scam, he called himself four more times from his cell phone!

When he was summoned again because of this, the officer only said in his defense that his motivation to work was “extremely low.”


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