Holstein Kiel: St. Pauli’s trainer keeps the thumbs up for promotion

With the promotion to the Bundesliga, Holstein Kiel would make history. A team from Schleswig-Holstein has never succeeded in doing this.

Timo Schultz (43) is the advocate. The St. Pauli trainer: “I wouldn’t mind if I can go to Kiel next year. Then Saturday at 3:30 p.m. as a spectator. “

From January 2003 to June 2005, the midfielder completed 75 games in the regional and major leagues. The sympathies have remained.

When Kiel coach Ole Werner (33) said goodbye with “then we’ll see each other again next year”, Schulle replied: “Or not …” Schultz justifies his optimism: “Kiel has everything in its own hands. If they keep playing like this, there is a good chance they will advance.

On Monday (6 p.m.) Kiel can take the next step. Hanover is a guest in the game marathon.

Werner: “We have to be wide awake again. Prepare things again in such a way that you are eligible for three points. We have to go into the next games with a certain degree of relaxation, but also determination. “


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