Holstein Kiel: Hurray, semi-finals! Fin Bartels is now living two dreams

Hooray! Berlin is getting closer and closer for Kiel!

Holstein is in a DFB Cup semi-final for the first time in its history. The Bayern defenders (8: 7 nE) win at fourth division RW Essen 3: 0.

Trainer Ole Werner: “There are still four balls in the drum and we’re still there. The boys can rightly be very proud of that. You have achieved something historical for our association. ”And financially, brought him additional income of around 2.2 million euros. A considerable help in Corona times. Even if there are 20 percent less than last year.

Fin Bartels (34) grins: “We are currently living two dreams!” The one about promotion to the Bundesliga and the final on May 13th in the Berlin Olympic Stadium.

Kiel comes into play hard. The first shot on goal is then possible. A very contentious foul penalty. Alexander Mühling (28) transforms him as cool as usual (his eighth in a row) at the bottom right (26th).

Previously, Finn Porath (24) got stuck in the penalty area in the grass and slipped while Dennis Grote (34) came behind him. Thorsten Kinhöfer (52), referee expert at BILD am SONNTAG: “At first glance it looks like a 911. After studying the TV pictures, no more. The Kieler buckles beforehand. ”During the break, RWE boss Marcus Uhlig rages on Sky and speaks of a“ huge scandal ”.

Kiel reacts cleverly: Janni Serra (22) immediately makes it 2-0 (28th). Joshua Mees (24) makes it 3-0 (90th). Werner: “We have passed where completely different teams have failed.” Most recently Bayer Leverkusen!

About the semi-finals (May 1st / 2nd) he bravely says: “We don’t have to fear anyone, we just sell ourselves as dearly as possible. Every lot is a good lot. ”On Sunday from 6.30 p.m. in the ARD sports show.

But first it was time to celebrate. The coach: “We have a long bus ride ahead of us. We had actually planned to fly. But there is fog again in Kiel. In this respect, one or the other beer is drunk. From tomorrow we will deal with HSV! ”The next opponent in the second division on Monday.


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