Holland: fear of fourth night of riot

The Netherlands are facing the fourth night of riot in a row. Shops board up their shop windows, and owners send their staff home earlier for fear of a riot.

A hospital in Rotterdam even warned against visits. Reason: In the past few nights, a number of hospitals had been attacked. The security authorities appealed to parents not to let teenagers go out.

A barricaded shop in ‘s-HertogenboschPhoto: David Young

A night curfew has been in effect in the Netherlands from 9 p.m. on Saturday – the first since the end of World War II. In the past few nights, hordes of mostly young men took this opportunity to let their aggressions run free. The pent-up frustration erupted into violence and chaos, the wild mob roamed the streets, pillaging and pillaging.

Rest in Rotterdam – shock scenes in The Hague

The police tried on Wednesday night with a large contingent to deter the rioters from further riots. In Rotterdam, 17 people were arrested as a precaution in the evening, arrests were also reported from Breda. According to the police, a large group of young men gathered in Amsterdam in the west. As in Hilversum, the situation was tense, the police reported.

Early evening in Rotterdam. Security forces check young people, parts of the city center are cordoned off, and police officers on horses patrol the streets. In some cases, officials arrested people who had participated in riots in the previous nights of the riot.

▶ ︎Groups of young men gather in Haarlem too. The police warn the BILD reporter that they cannot guarantee their safety.

Security guards check young men

Security guards check young menPhoto: STRINGER / AFP

In Breda and Maastricht, it appears that hooligans are taking to the streets. Some groups claim to want to protect their city from rioters. The police do not trust the martial hordes and keep an eye on the unpredictable pack as much as possible.

In The Hague, there are supposedly riots around 8 p.m.: Videos with shocking scenes are distributed via Twitter: A man parks a black station wagon in the middle of the street, with car tires burning next to it. Then he takes a sledgehammer out of the trunk and hands it to another man who is sitting on the roof of the car. Then the man with the hammer goes off and smashes the windows of a shop on the next corner! Shortly thereafter, the original video will be deleted.

Broken window in downtown 's-Hertogenbosch

Broken window in downtown ‘s-HertogenboschPhoto: David Young

According to the newspaper “De Telegraaf”, several people gather in Amsterdam to set off fireworks. A mobile police unit quickly puts an end to the ghost.

In contrast, Den Bosch looks deserted at around 9:30 p.m. It temporarily looks like this night will actually be more peaceful than the past three.


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