Hitler salute and “macho climate”: New accusations of racism against the police

Again it is about right-wing extremist statements in internal WhatsApp groups of the police.

The Ministry of the Interior in Saxony-Anhalt is said to have received information in an anonymous letter on Monday. This was confirmed by the house under Holger Stahlknecht (CDU) of the “Mitteldeutsche Zeitung”.

In this letter, a suspected policewoman apparently describes a “right macho climate” in the police in Magdeburg: Xenophobic statements are the order of the day among some colleagues. She mentions insults like “Kanake” and “Ziegenficker” as examples.

According to the “Mitteldeutscher Zeitung”, she continues to write that if such terms are used by colleagues, “then I no longer feel comfortable in the service and understand why some citizens lose confidence in us.”

Again allegations against the police in Saxony-Anhalt: Interior Minister Holger StahlknechtPhoto: Peter Gercke

But the content is not offensive, it is also punishable: “I see too often how tasteless images and even 86a license plates are exchanged and kept alive in various private WhatsApp groups.” Swastika and Hitler salute. The letter also includes pictures that are said to have been shared in the chat groups of the police in Magdeburg: half-naked women with SS uniforms and swastika armbands.

As the reason for her letter, the policewoman cited the hope of clarification: “I really don’t want to give my colleagues to the knife, but we have all taken an oath on the Basic Law and the free democratic order.” The allegations described are known among colleagues, they remain but without consequence. “In this climate our good colleagues perish, who work hard every day and do their job diligently and responsibly.”

Investigations into anti-Semitic and racist attitudes in Saxony-Anhalt’s police have been ongoing since October. The reason for this are allegations that the riot police always referred to a snack as a “Jew”.

According to the Interior Ministry, the content of the letter will be checked, reports the “Mitteldeutsche Zeitung”. The allegations are expected to be followed up along with the incidents related to the snack.


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