His daughter Muhammad Ali’s poor career path

AmericaIn the mansion, traveling by private jet, but the daughter of boxing legend Muhammad Ali started a business by cleaning the neighborhood.

In a recent interview, Laila Ali, daughter of boxing legend Muhammad Ali, said her family has a very prosperous life thanks to her father’s success. “I grew up in a mansion. We live in a private neighborhood and fly many times on private planes. I know my father makes a lot of money,” she said.

But Laila does not expect his father’s fortune of millions of dollars. She always wanted to be financially independent. At the age of 12, she took up cleaning jobs for a neighbor’s house in the neighborhood to make money. In the summer of 15, Ali had her first real job experience: working at a sandwich shop while visiting her father in Michigan.

Laila Ali was opposed by her father to pursue a career in boxing because she was a “weak sex”. However, on the ring, she rarely gave in to anyone. Image: nbcnews.

“Others are enjoying their summers, and I want my own check. So I signed up for this job,” she said. That same year, Ali bought his first car. “I watched The Recycler magazine and chose the Toyota Celica 77. It was a rusty brown car and I remember I bought it for $ 400.”

Although the car was only used for two weeks before it broke down, Ali is proud to have bought it himself. “I think I lived like the elite sitting in it,” she said. Manually doing the job with minimum wage helps Ali learn a lot about “independence, responsibility and pride”.

“When you wake up and start doing a genuine job that you are satisfied with, it feels great. For a young person like me, the timing is perfect,” Ali said.

Two years before starting her boxing career, Laila opened her own nail salon. In 2007, she retired from professional play with a record of 24 unbeaten matches. A wife and mother of two, Ali writes a cookbook Food for LifeLaila Ali Spice Blends, an organic seasoning line called Laila Ali Spice Blends and a Youplenish line of nutritional supplements.

Despite earning millions of dollars, Ali said he is still very proud to continue his father’s charity and sports career. In addition to being the former President of Women’s Sports, Ali is also a longtime sponsor of charities.

“Charity is my core value. It’s not how much money you have that matters, but how we make the world a better place,” she contemplated.

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