Hilarious, delicate, subtle… The cinema releases of October 12

The Innocent ***

by Louis Garrel

French film, 1 h 40

Abel (Louis Garrel) is literally panicked by his mother’s remarriage to an inmate he met in prison where she leads theater workshops. Little confident in the latter’s reintegration projects as a florist, Abel begins a spinning, to say the least crazy, punctuated by misunderstandings and sinister characters. Louis Garrel signs an irresistible fantasy, a magnificent variation on mother-son relationships and the profession of actor. Unquestionably his most mastered film and the most delightful show of the season.

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♦ Little Nicolas. What are we waiting for to be happy? ***

by Amandine Fredon and Benjamin Massoubre

Franco-Luxembourgish animated film, 1 h 22

Between documentary and fiction, this animated film awarded at the Annecy Festival combines the timeless adventures of the young schoolboy with the story of the meeting, in Paris in 1955, of Goscinny and Sempé, who created The little Nicolas from their childhood memories. With incredible fidelity to Sempé’s line, yet perilous to animate as it is so delicate, the characters come to life before our amazed eyes, making us forget a few screenplay crutches.

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Simone, the journey of the century *

by Olivier Dahan

French film, 2 h 20

After Edith Piaf and Grace of Monaco, Olivier Dahan completes a trilogy of portraits of women hoisted to the height of icons with the life of Simone Veil. The film widens the focal length, with the desire to escape the too linear form of the biopic by a mosaic story. It is anchored in the happy childhood on the Côte d’Azur with secular Jewish parents and feeds on returns to the Nazi camps, where Simone Jacob was deported at the age of 16 in April 1944 with her mother and her sister Madeleine. Despite a flashy production and lyrical flights, the feature film manages to maintain interest in Simone Veil.

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Butterfly vision**

by Maksym Nakonechnyi

Ukrainian film, 1 h 47

Maksim Nakonechnyi was inspired by testimonies of volunteer fighters returning from Donbass and a documentary devoted to them, to imagine the character of Lilia. A specialist in aerial reconnaissance, her heroine, who spent two months in the hands of the separatists, returns to her home in kyiv thanks to an exchange of prisoners. Seizing on the subject of post-traumatic stress disorder, the director has the intelligence to translate it through dreamlike sequences of great beauty where Lilia is embodied in a butterfly.

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♦ Harkis **

by Philippe Faucon

French film, 1 h 22

Centered on the last three years of the Algerian war, this film follows the fate of several men who join a harka in September 1959. Over the course of their missions and increasingly bloody clashes with the FLN, they can only rely on the illusory protection offered them by the French army, until the latter disarmed them in 1962 before abandoning them to their fate. Despite a very realistic reconstruction, supported by beautiful images, The Harkis is above all intended to be didactic, leaving little room for dramaturgy and characters.

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A good start **

by Xabi and Agnès Molia

French documentary, 1h30

For a year, Xabi and Agnès Molia filmed teenagers aged 14 or 15 on bumpy paths, as part of the Starter system. They are about fifteen each year to integrate this class of third where they follow general lessons and carry out internships to define a professional project. The documentary captures as closely as possible the fascinating alchemy between teachers and extraordinary students. He captures fleeting moments of grace, but also metamorphoses and exciting new beginnings.

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