Hiking accident in the Pyrenees: friend finds remains of partner

The agonizing search lasted several months. Now the partner of a British woman who has been missing since November has certainty: The hiker is dead – he himself found her remains on Tuesday in the Pyrenees. This was announced by the British organization LBT Global, which helps in the search for missing people.

In another search, the 38-year-old finally found his 37-year-old partner in the mountainous Spanish-French border region: he discovered her body and parts of her equipment.

In the Port de la Gléré area, Esther Dingley had an accident while hikingPhoto: garzogian / wikiloc.com

Two weeks ago, human bones were seen near the site. Specialists are now trying to recover the body in the Port de la Gléré area. A statement said: “At this point in time, an accident is the most likely theory, also given the location and other clues.”

The woman was last seen on November 22, 2020 when she went on a solo hike. The area is popular with hikers in the summer, reported British media. In winter, however, the conditions are quite risky.

Dingley had gone on a solo tour

Dingley had gone on a solo tourPhoto: private

Police and rescue workers kept looking for the missing person. Now it was the partner who made the feared find.


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