“Highfive” – ​​the new album by LESLIE CLIO – bid for a great fan package

Now Leslie Clio wants to know as KID CLIO!

Because with a loud HIGHFIVE! Her album has been released, which presents a motley mix of pop songs for kids aged 8 and up. The children’s music project of the well-known singer Leslie-Clio started in 2020 with the EP “Heute Bin Ich Faul”. On her album “HIGHFIVE!” KID CLIO shows with other creative catchy tunes how a connection between modern production and sensitive but quick-witted lyrics can be created. In doing so, she effortlessly deals with topics that are particularly important at this age: friendship, pocket money, the search for your own path and everything you can encounter on it.

“I want to make modern, clever children’s music that is fun and, above all, at eye level. With KID CLIO I do not pursue any educational demands, I am not the mom, but the best friend who wants to encourage you to do your own thing, ”says Clio, describing her motivation. “I call it snot-brat music.” And she sounds confident, strong-willed, freedom-loving, in a good mood and quite brave.

At the start of the new ALBUM “Highfive” by KID CLIO We now have a great offer for you as part of the eBay charity auction in favor of “A Heart for Children”. You can bid for a signed Leslie Clio t-shirt and the new album.

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With international hits like “I Couldn’t Care Less”, sold out tours and soon four albums of her own, Leslie Clio stands for poetically soulful pop and has created something very special with her unmistakable voice in the German pop world.

Just released: “Highfive” – the new album from KID CLIO aka LESLIE CLIOPhoto: PR

In this world, KID CLIO is now building a bridge for the younger listeners together with the musician Kurt Stolle aka DJ Flippy, with whom she recorded her album, she shows the growing audience how diverse children’s music can sound, which moves freely across genre boundaries .

On September 17th, the first single “Mama Oh Mama” was released, a love song to all the irreplaceable mums out there. The second single has just been released together with the album “Meine Beste Freund”. In a duet with the Berlin singer and rapper Amanda, the two celebrate the diversity that can exist in friendships: “We are both different, but time proves: we are both inseparable, much better together,” says KID CLIO. Whether different interests, looks or origins: “To be different means to be able to complement each other well. Friendship is based on that too. “

How nice that Leslie Clio has arranged to meet her eight-year-old self, KID CLIO, to make them sing and dance. Because it is a lot of fun to spend time with her and “HIGHFIVE!”, Listen to her and then continue on your own path, empowered and full of zest for life.

Further information: www.leslieclio.com and www.facebook.com/LeslieClio

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