High-powered rental cars: Danger to life in road traffic due to car sharing accidents

You ruthlessly gamble with other people’s lives just to race! Again there was a bad speeding accident with a rental car in Berlin.

As the police announced on Sunday when asked by BILD, a BMW convertible was noticed by a radio patrol at around 11.10 p.m. on the Ku’damm with daring maneuvers. When the officers wanted to check him, the driver accelerated – the police chased after him.

Only a few meters further he lost control of his rental car and there was an accident with the patrol car. According to the police, the BMW driver then jumped out of the car and fled on foot. But he didn’t get far. The officers caught him after a few meters.

Suddenly the man complained of malaise and passed out. Blood was drawn from him in the hospital and he may have been under the influence of “intoxicants or medication”. That is why he is being investigated, as well as for a prohibited motor vehicle race.

In this BMW convertible, the driver is said to have performed daring maneuvers on the Kurfürstendamm and then fled from the policePhoto: Spreepicture

Highly motorized rental cars in demand

The cars for such speeder tours are often rented from car sharing companies, because the principle is simple: reserve, get in, drive off. And tempting especially for young people who rent together and share the costs. Power is particularly in demand here – and 150 hp are no longer considered highly motorized.

One thing is clear: the number of illegal races is increasing, especially now in the corona pandemic – one focus is the capital: 298 preliminary investigations had already been initiated by the end of April, said Berlin’s Justice Senator Dirk Behrend (Greens). Since October 2017, according to his information, more than 2000 preliminary proceedings – including those against unknown persons – have been initiated in the capital for prohibited motor vehicle races. 880 cases were charged and 430 speeders convicted.

Behrend is therefore planning a Federal Council initiative according to which novice drivers are no longer allowed to rent high-powered cars. It is unclear how long you are considered a novice driver and where the horsepower limit is, the talk is 200 horsepower.

Norbert Cioma, head of the GdP Berlin, is also in favor of an upper limit for horsepower: “Berlin must no longer be a playground for would-be racing drivers who play ‘Fast & Furious’ on our streets and consciously endanger human lives. The providers of car-sharing companies must finally readjust or be forced to do so by the legislature. In addition, we finally need a maximum horsepower limit for young drivers as well as our own special police force that can deal with this problem in a permanently focused manner.

Because the balance is devastating: Serious accidents occur again and again, with injuries and deaths – an overview.

Berlin, Treptower Park, 3 dead

Tuesday, February 4, 2021: Residents notice a car that is on fire and watch with horror as a burning man escapes from the Audi. Yusuf A. (20) was taken to the hospital with very serious injuries, where he later died, as did two other inmates. Driver Omran E. survived, he was only slightly injured.

The car: an RS5 with 450 hp that can go from 0 to 100 km / h in under four seconds, a rental car. 30 km / h applies at the scene of the accident. However, Omran E. must have raced at an excessive pace: he got off the straight, three-lane road, felled two trees on the side of the road and crashed into a rubble container.

As a result of the force of the accident, the car was torn in two, and debris flew 100 meters. The vehicle burned out.

Berlin-Johannisthal: accident escape after race

On the afternoon of Christmas Day 2020, a car sharing company informed the police that a driver was driving one of their cars on the city motorway without authorization. The officers also discovered the car – but then the driver accelerated.

At the Adlershof exit, he crashed into a Ford, the VW driver and two inmates fled, but were caught shortly afterwards. Several offenses are now being investigated against the 17-year-old driver: the unauthorized use of a vehicle, driving without a driver’s license, prohibited motor vehicle races, road traffic hazard, traffic accident, unauthorized removal from the scene of the accident.

Berlin-Treptow, 2 injured

The accident site at the Bouchestraße / Kiefholzstraße intersection

The accident site at the Bouchestraße / Kiefholzstraße intersectionPhoto: spreepicture

On the night of May 22nd, there was an accident in Berlin-Treptow when an SUV and a rental car collided.

The damaged Mercedes SUV

The damaged Mercedes SUV Photo: spreepicture

Two inmates were injured and were cared for by paramedics even before. Property damage of an unknown amount occurred to the vehicles.

Berlin-Köpenick, 1 dead

On January 27, 2021, a driver was driving a rented VW Polo on Müggelheimer Damm. In a left turn, he crashed into a tree with tremendous force: the 28-year-old driver was trapped in the car and any help came too late for him. Apparently the man had hit the tree with suicide intent.


On the night of February 4, 2021, the driver of a VW Polo car sharing attempted to evade a police check. He accelerated, rammed a police car and literally tore the front wheel out of it. The driver raced on and crashed into another car.

Here the breakneck escape came to an end, getaway cars and police vehicles were junk. The result of the trip: three badly damaged vehicles and several injured, including the driver who tried to escape on foot but was arrested shortly afterwards.

Several accidents in Berlin-Reinickendorf and Wedding

On November 15, 2020, a drunk driver caused several accidents with his rental car in Reinickendorf and Wedding: After a first crash at Kurt-Schumacher-Damm, he fled and ran into a civil patrol. He drove on undeterred and built more accidents until he finally came to a stop at a parked car.

The rental car came to a halt at a parked car

This rental car only came to a halt on a parked car in the Berlin district of Wedding in an accident in NovemberPhoto: spreepicture

An alcohol control showed a value of 1.95 per mille. The driver was slightly injured in the crash drive.


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