High diesel prices: Father and son caught by police stealing diesel

Vellahn (Mecklenburg-West Pomerania) – Nationwide, thieves are tampering with foreign tanks because of high fuel prices. So does a criminal duo consisting of a father (72) and son (52) from the district of Ludwigslust-Parchim.

In the dark on Wednesday evening, the father-son team wanted to steal the diesel from a parked truck. When the police caught them in the act, the thieves had already unscrewed the gas cap and provided several empty canisters.

“An electric pump was discovered on them, with which the fuel was obviously supposed to be pumped out,” reported Klaus Wiechmann from the Ludwigslust Police Inspectorate.

The police officers then secured the pump, the hose and the canisters and filed a complaint for attempted theft in the particularly serious case. But it shouldn’t stop there.

A closer examination of the German suspects revealed other crimes. The car that father and son drove to the crime scene was unregistered and uninsured. In addition, the police discovered false license plates.

The 72-year-old father was already known to the police. There were several investigations into traffic offenses against him.

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