Hiding for 30 years after hearing a police car siren

China30 years ago, Mr. Li joined a brawl. The next morning, hearing the siren of a police car near his house, thinking of being arrested, the man immediately fled.

On October 15, Mr. Li went to the Public Security Department of Ngan Xuyen City, Ninh Ha Autonomous Region to surrender.

The police of Yinchuan City took Mr. Li to the train station to return to his hometown after 30 years on the run. Image: ycen.com

This man from Xuzhou in Jiangsu Province said that after leaving his hometown, he ran to Inner Mongolia and applied to work at a coal mine in the mountains. In the past decades, Li has never had a good night’s sleep, often dreaming of being handcuffed in eighth handcuffs. He did not dare marry or contact his family for fear of being discovered. Even when he heard a police siren, Li hid in the coal mine, daring not to appear.

Ten years ago, this man came to Ninh Ha and worked as a hired laborer at a brick factory, continuing his family life without a family. Before the first day of marriage, he always dreamed of his parents. Unable to bear it any longer, Li decided to report after 30 years of living in fear. Sitting in front of the police, he was very calm: “Now I don’t have any worries.”

However, the Yinchuan City police announced that Li was not involved in the incident that year, and confirmed that his parents had passed away a few years ago. Hearing that, the 52-year-old man burst into tears.

One day after “surrendered,” the police helped Li to successfully communicate with relatives. Although I want to go back home, I have lived in hiding for many years without identity card and household registration, so I cannot buy train tickets to go home. Because of the special circumstances, Li was given the privilege of buying train tickets. Before leaving, the 52-year-old man with a tearful face told police: “My parents are dead, now I don’t know if anyone else recognizes me.”

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