Hideout in the stairs – child found in secret room after two years

New York – Unbelievable thriller about a girl (6) who has been missing for two years. Police officers have now discovered the child in a secret hiding place in a house.

The little girl was reported missing in 2019. She was four years old when her parents lost custody of her and her older sister in July 2019.

On the day authorities were supposed to pick up the children, their mother and father fled with them from Cayuga Heights to Saugerties, New York, 130 miles away, police said. The older daughter was still in school at the time of the kidnapping. She now lives with a legal guardian, according to the New York Post.

A few times there were witnesses to the child in the home. But whenever officials stopped by, the parents denied the child was with them. Even a multiple search of the house brought no result, as the local police chief said.

Now the officials know why they didn’t find anything: there was an elaborate hiding place!

After a new clue, several officers approached with a search warrant – and looked very closely. The search lasted an hour, “then an investigator discovered something on the stairs leading down to the basement from the back of the house that caught his attention,” police told the Daily Freeman.

The officer noticed that the construction of the stairs and their steps was not quite consistent, shined a flashlight inside – and discovered a ceiling through the cracks, according to the police. “The officers used tools to remove some of the wooden steps and then they saw a pair of tiny feet,” reports NBC News.

The child was said to be sitting with his noncustodial mother in a cold, wet, makeshift hiding place under a basement staircase.

Paramedics determined that the girl was in good health. She was given to her legal guardian and reunited with her older sister. The non-custodial parents were charged with disturbing custody and endangering the well-being of a child.


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