Hide your wife, transfer the ‘parting fee’ to your ex-girlfriend

ChinaDiscovered her husband transferred 5.5 million yuan (20 billion) to his ex-girlfriend, a woman in Shanghai has sued both to court.

Lin Lin and Ly Sung are a couple living in Hongkou district, Shanghai city. After getting married, Lam Lam stayed at home as a housewife, depending on the husband who worked at a real estate company.

Recently, Lam Lam accidentally discovered a transaction with a very large amount of money in her husband’s phone. The recipient is Vu Nguyet, Ly Sinh’s ex-girlfriend. After questioning, Li admitted that he was still in touch with his ex. The reason is that Vu Nguyet constantly harassed him because he married someone else, demanding payment called “farewell fee”. In order not to affect his married life, this man obeyed Vu’s request.

Lam Lam was very shocked and angry, asking her husband to cut off contact with his ex. She also went to Vu Nguyet’s workplace to fight jealousy, rioting an entire street corner.

However, Lam’s actions did not achieve the expected results. After a few days, she discovered that her husband continued to transfer money to Vu, maintaining the frequency once a month, 500,000 yuan each time (VND 1.8 billion). The wife queries her husband, but this man firmly denies his feelings and insists he is no longer in contact with Vu.

Faced with Li Sung’s inability to clearly explain his request, Lin Lin sued her husband and ex-lover to the Hongkou District Court in Shanghai. “He took the couple’s money together to send it to his ex. This is illegal. I asked Vu to return 5.5 million yuan,” Lam assured.

Contrary to the silent attitude of Ly Sung, Vu Nguyet denounced her ex-boyfriend. This girl said that she and Ly loved each other for many years and had considered getting married. However, due to the “crushing foot” of Lam Lam, they had to break up. After getting married, because feeling indebted to love, Ly Sung actively proposed to compensate her with money. In half a year, this man transferred Vu a 2 million yuan amount he called a “parting fee”.

“2 million yuan originated from Li’s personal savings before getting married, so it cannot be called an infringement on the couple’s property, so I refused to pay back the money,” Vu Nguyet firmly .

The remaining 3.5 million yuan is due to Lee previously borrowed Vu Nguyet’s company and pledged to repay in full by 2022. However, because Lam Lam went to Vu’s company to fight with jealousy, this girl decided to claim back with a loan from her ex. Since then, Ly Sung, under Vu Nguyet’s urging, has repeatedly transferred the loan, totaling 3.5 million yuan, equivalent to the principal and interest amount agreed earlier.

The court concluded that within half a year after his marriage, without Lam Lam’s consent, Ly Sung repeatedly paid “farewell fees” to his ex-girlfriend, which was illegal. The court asked Vu Nguyet to return 2 million yuan to Lam Lam. The remaining amount, due to the previous loan, should negotiate by themselves.

Vu Nguyet said that she will appeal to a higher level to keep the “fee”. This girl explained, that amount was enough to compensate for her youthful age for Ly Sinh.

Vy Trang (According to the The paper)


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