Here a dealer realizes that crystal meth is gone for 8.5 million

The look on his face speaks volumes!

The Australian police have released photos showing a dealer just before the attack. Stupid for Christian Tachev (25): The hiding place where he had buried drugs worth 8.5 million euros was empty.

This is how the investigators’ coup went: The officers had been following the man for a long time and knew that Tachev was playing a double game. The 25-year-old pretended to be a personal trainer who supplemented his salary by selling e-cigarettes. In truth, the Australian was moving large amounts of drugs and cash – possibly even for a cartel.

A short time after these recordings, Christian Tachev’s handcuffs clickedPhoto: Australian Federal Police

The police dug out the hiding place and installed surveillance cameras in the bushes. They filmed how the dumbfounded dealer stood in front of the empty hole after 25 minutes of digging: hands on hips, knowing full well that the multi-million dollar substance is gone.

A short time later, the officers struck and arrested Christian Tachev. The man had a significant amount of cash with him. The arrest had already taken place on March 19 of last year. Last Wednesday, the 25-year-old was sentenced to eleven years in prison.

At night, the drug investigators dug out the hiding place.  To see: A gym bag full of crystal meth

During the night, the drug investigators dug the hiding place. To see: A gym bag full of crystal methPhoto: Australian Federal Police

In his sentencing statement, Presiding Judge Joseph McGrath called “the crimes you have committed extremely serious.” The actions of the accused were “very clever”. The places where he had stashed drugs and cash could only be located using GPS coordinates.

The dope was methamphetamine, also known as crystal meth. The hiding places were in the greater metropolitan area of ​​Perth.

Investigators recently unearthed a huge crystal meth lab that looked like it was in the Netflix cult series Breaking Bad. You can read here how an incredible amount of fabric could be produced there per day.


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