Hennef: Mayor (31) already vaccinated against Corona

Hennef (North Rhine-Westphalia) – The 31-year-old mayor of Hennef, Mario Dahm (SPD), has already been vaccinated against Corona. A spokesman for the city confirmed this on Wednesday.

The internal urban pandemic plan named “system-critical people who are absolutely necessary to maintain the administration,” said the spokesman. This also included the mayor, the aldermen, heads of certain offices and employees of the public order office with a function in the fight against pandemics.

So far in North Rhine-Westphalia vaccination has generally only taken place in nursing homes and hospitals.

After vaccination doses were superfluous in a retirement home in Hennef, the city of Hennef received an offer from the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians at short notice to “name people to be vaccinated for a small proportion of the remaining doses according to their pandemic planning”.

“People in a relevant position” were consequently also an option. “Decisions had to be made quickly, otherwise the vaccines would have become unusable,” said the spokesman. Therefore, the mayor and the aldermen could have been vaccinated.


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